Different Ways of Entering Text in MS Word

Entering Text in MS Word

In this tutorial, we’ll discuss about Entering Text in MS Word. Here, we’ll be familiar with the features of Microsoft Word 2019 to enter text. Let’s have a look at how simple it is to type in a Word document.

What is entering text in Microsoft Word?

Entering text in Microsoft Word is always done at the position of the cursor. This is the first step in creating a document. When you are working on a document, the blinking cursor indicates where you are at the moment. You can start typing at any point in a document by clicking anywhere within of it.

Purpose of Entering Text in MS-Word

The Purpose of Entering Text in MSWord is to let you type text and make it look nice so you can print it or send it to someone else to read. So, the first step in using Microsoft Word is to learn how to type text into a Word file, which is called a document.

Word shows a blinking cursor in every document that shows where your text will go if you type something. You can use the keyboard or the mouse to move the cursor.

What Insertion of Point?

The insertion point is the blinking vertical line in your document. It shows where on the page you can start entering text. There are many ways to use this insertion point.

Additionally , text insertion point also tells you where in the text you want to paste things you’ve cut or copied or, if you’re using the Text Editor, where you want to add files and templates.

Now, we’ll assume you already know how to open Word. The text insertion point we’ll show you automatically as it opens a new document, as shown below:


Document Area

The document area is the blank space in a MS Word for making documents where the user can create content. Furthermore, document area is the white space on the page. When you open a document, you can start typing and your words will show up in the document.

The vertical bar that flashes is called the insertion point as mention above, and it shows where the text will show up when you type. Keep the cursor where you want to type the text and start typing. As shown below, we only typed three words: “The Microsoft Word.” As you type, the text shows up to the left of the insertion point.


Keys to Consider While Entering Text

Here are the two key to consider and keep in mind while you are typing or entering text:

  • The Enter key is not required to begin a new line. In Word, when the insertion point reaches the end of a line, Word automatically creates a new line. Press the Enter> key to begin a new paragraph.
  • If you wish to create more than one space between each pair of words, you should use the Tab key rather than the spacebar. When lining up text in this manner, using fonts with proportional sizing can be an effective method.

Entering Text in MS Word Using Dictation Features

In Entering Text in MS Word Using Dictation Features lets you say words instead of typing them. People have been dictating into Word for a while now using the Windows Speech Recognition (or Speech Services) feature, but the new Dictation feature puts the activity in Word’s hands and gives it more features and options.

To use Dictation, open a document and move the insertion point to where you want the text to go. Then, on the Home tab, click Dictate. If you click the top part of the button, the feature turns on in the language you chose as your default. If you click the arrow at the bottom of the button, a menu will appear from which you can choose the language. From there, you can choose a language or click Dictate if the language is already right.


When the Dictate feature is on, a red dot will show up on the icon for it. As long as Dictate is on, whatever you say into the microphone will be turned into text in the document. You can also say things like periods, commas, and question marks, as well as line breaks and paragraph breaks.

As long as you don’t type anything, Dictate will stay on. When you start typing, Word 2019 turns off the feature.


In this guide, we learned different ways in entering text in MS Word. We discovered that it aids in the creation of new documents. We also talked about the various keys and features when typing in Word. Basically, these parts of Word will assist you as you go along and create your document.

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