How to Change Font Style in Microsoft Word

Font Style in Microsoft Word

In this chapter, we’ll talk about how to change font style and size in Microsoft Word. Besides, you can use different fonts with different sizes in Microsoft Word. Also, change the fonts and their sizes to change the look of your document.

Most of the time, you use different fonts for headings and paragraphs. Learning how to use different fonts is important. This chapter will show you how to easily change a font and its size.

Meanwhile, this is the continuation of the previous tutorial on how to use spelling and grammar checker in MS Word and How to Undo and Redo In MS Word which are part in editing documents.

What is font style in MS Word?

A font style is a group of formatting rules that you can use to quickly change the look of text, tables, and lists in your document. When you apply a style, you do a bunch of formatting tasks at once.

Moreover, it is usually used to describe a whole group of fonts that are located on the home tab. Also, people like to use font styles. So, in MS Word, the word “font” often refers to a whole group of display options, like the typeface, color, weight, and size.

Most people use regular, italic, bold, and bold-italic font styles. This is not the end, though, and not all fonts have these four. In fact, the font designer is the only one who can decide what styles a font can have.

If you understand the difference, let’s look at how to look at MS Word’s list of font styles and how to add new font types or typefaces.

What is font size in MS Word?

The font size or text size refers to the size of the characters displayed on a computer screen or printed on a page. In addition, it is a number that represents the number of points in the text’s height, or how tall the text is in points.

A font is usually measured in points. Points determine the lettering’s height. There are approximately 72 points per inch or 2.54 centimeter. For instance, font size 72 would be approximately one inch tall, whereas font size 36 would be approximately half an inch.

What is font in MS Word?

Fonts are used to change how text or a Word document looks and make it look better or fit the needs of the situation. MS Word has a lot of different fonts, such as Calibri, Times New Roman, Algerian, Arial, Century, etc.

What is the purpose of font in a document?

The purpose of fonts is that they can set the mood and feel of a place. In addition, they can show how a document should be read and which parts are more important than others just by looking at them. Fonts can even be used to speed up or slow down how long it takes to read a document. The business of professional printing has known this for a long time.

How to Change Font Style in Microsoft Word

Here are the basic steps for changing the font style in Microsoft Word.

  • Step 1 − Select the portion of text the font of which needs to be changed and click the Home tab. Now click the Font Type button to list down all the fonts available as shown below


  • Step 2 − Try to move the mouse pointer over the listed fonts.

    You will see that the text font changes when you move the mouse pointer over different fonts. You can use the Font Scroll Bar to display more fonts available.

    Finally select a desired font by clicking over the font name in the list. We have selected Algerian as the font for our sample text.


  • Step 3 − Similar way, to change the font size, click over the Font Size button which will display a font size list.


    You will use the same procedure to select a desired font size that you have used while selecting a font type.


How Many Font Styles are there in MS Word

MS Word has three different font styles: Bold, Italic, and Underline.

How to Change Font Style to Bold:

Step 1: Select the text you want to change the Font Style.

selected Text
Selected Text

Step 2: Now, select the Font Style Bold from the Font Style bar under the Home menu bar.

Change Font Style To Bold

How to Change the Font Style to Italics:

  • Now, Select the text you want to change the Font Style. Then select the Italic Font Style of your choice from the Font Style bar under the Home menu bar. 
How to Change Font Style To Italic
Change Font Style To Italic

How to Use the Underline Font Style:

  • Now, select the Underline Font Style of your choice from the Font Style bar under the Home menu bar.
How to Change Font Style To Underlined
How to Change Font Style To Underlined

You could also use the shortcuts like:

  • CTRL+B for Bold
  • CTRL+I for Italics
  • CRTL+U for Underline

List of Fonts in MS Word

The table below shows the list of All fonts in MS Word.

Abadi MT Condensed LightImpact
Albertus Extra BoldIncised901 Bd BT
Albertus MediumIncised901 BT
AllegroIncised901 Lt BT
Amazone BTInformal011 BT
AmerType Md BTJester
Antique OliveKabel Bk BT
ArialKabel Ult BT
Arial BlackKaufmann Bd BT
Arial MTKaufmann BT
Arial NarrowKorinna BT
Arrus BTLetter Gothic
Aurora Cn BTLithograph
AvantGarde Bk BTLithograph Light
AvantGarde Md BTLong Island
BankGothic Md BTLucida Console
BazookaLucida Handwriting
Benguiat Bk BTLucida Sans
BernhardFashion BTLucida Sans Unicode
BernhardMod BTLydian BT
Book AntiquaMarket
Bookman Old StyleMatisse ITC
BoulderMonotype Corsiva
Bremen Bd BTMS LineDraw
Calisto MTNews GothicMT
CalligrapherNewsGoth BT
CaslonOpnface BTOCR A Extended
Century GothicOld Century
Century SchoolbookOnyx BT
CezanneOzHandicraft BT
CG OmegaPegasus
CG TimesPickwick
Charter Bd BTPosterBodoni BT
Charter BTPTBarnum BT
ChelthmITC Bk BTRibbon131 Bd BT
Clarendon CondensedSceptre
CloisterBlack BTSerifa BT
Comic Sans MSSerifa Th BT
Copperplate Gothic BoldShelleyVolante BT
Copperplate Gothic LightSherwood
CopperplGoth Bd BTSignboard
CoronetSouvenir Lt BT
CourierStaccato222 BT
Courier NewSteamer
DenmarkSwis721 BlkEx BT
English 111 Vivace BTSwiss911 XCm BT
EngraversGothic BTTahoma
Exotc350 Bd BTTechnical
Freefrm721 Blk BTTempus Sans ITC
FrnkGothITC Bk BTTimes
Futura Bk BTTimes New Roman
Futura Lt BTTimes New Roman PS
Futura Md BTTrebuchet MS
Futura ZBlk BTTristan
FuturaBlack BTTubular
Galliard BTTypoUpright BT
Geometr231 BTUnivers Condensed
Geometr231 Hv BTVagabond
Geometr231 Lt BTVerdana
GeoSlab 703 Lt BTWestminster
GeoSlab 703 XBd BTZapfEllipt BT
GoudyHandtooled BTZapfHumnst BT
GoudyOLSt BTZapfHumnst Dm BT
HaettenschweilerZurich BlkEx BT
HeatherZurich Ex BT
Humanst 521 Cn BT 
Humanst521 BT 
Humanst521 Lt BT 
List of Fonts in MS Word


In summary, we’ve talked about how to change font style in Microsoft Word as well as what those terms mean. In addition, we know the different fonts of Word and the font sizes available in words. We also gain insight into changing font styles step by step. 

We hope this tutorial helps you as you plan to create a document in MS Word.

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