jQuery Load() Method

jQuery Load() Method

This tutorial is all about jQuery Load() Method. This tutorial will show you how to use Load() method in jQuery. The load() method  has the ability to load data from the other page and place it into the selected elements. This method is a bit the same with ajax.    Basic Syntax: $(selector).load(URL,data,callback); url – specifies the file(url) you want to … Read more

Installing jQuery

jQuery Load() Method

In this tutorial shows you how to install jQuery on the page document. There are two ways in installing jQuery on the document of a page. Development Production   Development is used by web developers for the offline developement of a website because of its uncompressed codes. Example:   <script src=”jquery-1.10.2.min.js”></script> Description: There are many avaibale version … Read more

9 Most Useful jQuery Plugins

jQuery is the most popular based on creating animation in your HTML elements nowadays. There are many jQuery plugins that have been developed by the web developers, But these are the most commonly used and very useful jQuery plugins because when you develop a website you will encounter these jQuery plugins.   These are the … Read more

Mouse Events with jQuery Plugins

This tutorial demonstrates about the capturing mouse events using mouse-capture.js jQuery plugins. This plugin has the capability to capture mouse events according to a method in a certain situation. This will help you manipulate and manage all mouse events in the easiest way that you can’t imagine.   Basic example as follows: .mouseclick() Create a design of the page. <!DOCTYPE HTML … Read more

HTML Marquee with jQuery

An HTML marquee is a sliding piece of text that displays vertically down or  horizontally across the webpage depending on what conditions you have set. This is made by using HTML <marquees> tag. Note: Its is not recommended to rely on the <marquee>  tag because it may not be supported by different browsers , otherwise use CSS and Javascript … Read more

jQuery Utilities

jQuery Load() Method

There are lots of utility functions that the jQuery provide. These functions can be use to perform Javascript Task with ease. These are also very helpful most specially when completing certain programming task. Below are the commonly used jQuery utilities     Method Discription .clearQueue() It removes from the queue all items that have not yet … Read more