How To Change Case in Microsoft Word

Change Case in Microsoft Word

In this course, we will talk about how to change the case of text in Microsoft Word. Meanwhile, this is the continuation of the previous tutorial on how to change font style and size in Microsoft Word which are part in formatting text in your documents.

Furthermore, you can also change the case of a character you are typing by holding down the SHIFT key as you type. You can also press the CAPS LOCK key to capitalize every letter you type. Press the CAPS LOCK key again to turn off capitalization.

What is change case in MS Word?

The Change Case function allows you to change the text case without having to retype it. It is the option in Microsoft word which allows us to change the case of words in the sheet. In addition, it is a command, under Font group, that converts lowercase letters to uppercase and uppercase letters to lowercase.

Change Case Option in MS Word

The following Case Options are available:

  • Sentence case: Capitalizes the first letter of the first word in a sentence.
  • lowercase: Makes all the letters smaller.
  • UPPERCASE: Makes every letter UPPERCASE.
  • Capitalize Each Word: Every word’s first letter is capitalize. This is good for headings or titles.
  • tOGGLE cASE: This makes the first letter of each word smaller and all the other letters bigger.

Where is the change case command in word?

The change case command in word, cab be found in the Font group on the Home tab. Click the arrow that points down next to the “Change Case” button. It shows the menu for text case. Finally, right-click the case you want to use.

Changed Case Located
Changed Case Located

What is Title case in MS Word?

Title case means that every first letter of the word is capitalized, except for small words like articles and short prepositions. Further, only the most important words are capitalized, while the rest are written in lowercase.

In addition, the title case is often used for headlines as well, like in newspapers, essays, and blogs. It is also called “headline style” because it is often used for headlines. MS Word Tutorial for Beginners, for example.

What is sentence case in MS Word?

Sentence case is a capitalization style where only words that are capitalized are the first word of a sentence and proper nouns. Then, the rest of the words are written in lowercase.

How To Change Case in Microsoft Word

Here are the steps you need to take to change the case in Microsoft Word.

  • Step 1: Choose the text you want to change.

    Selected text to Change Case in Microsoft Word

  • Step 2: If you choose Sentence Case, the text will be changed to Sentence Case.

    Changed to Sentence Case

  • Step 3: Choose the lowercase option to change the text to lowercase.

    Changed to Lower Case

  • Step 4:Choose UPPERCASE if you want the text to be changed to all capital letters.

    Changed to Upper Case

  • Step 5. If you choose the Capitalize Each Word option, each word in the text will be capitalized.

    Changed to Capitalized Each Word

  • Step 6: Choose tOGGLE cASE if you want the text to be changed to Toggle Case.

    Changed to Toggle Case

Change Case in Word Shortcut

Here are the keyboard shortcut keys that is the fastest and most effective way to use the Change Case features:

  • Choose the text that needs to be changed.
  • By pressing SHIFT + F3, you can quickly switch between other cases.


In summary, we’ve talked about how to change case in Microsoft Word as well as what those terms mean. In addition, we know the different cases option available in Microsoft Word. We also gain insight into changing cases options step by step. 

We hope this tutorial helps you as you plan to create a document in MS Word.

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