Best Project Topics For Computer Science Student [2021]

Best Project Topics For Computer Science Student [2021]

Best Project Topics For Computer Science Student
Best Project Topics For Computer Science Student

If you are one the student that has this question in mind What would be the Best Project Topics for Computer Science Student?” so then, you are in the right place.

This article will give you an idea about new projects for computer science students. With this idea, you will be able to have practical final year projects for computer science with source code.

Computer science could be a branch of engineering that deals with the scientific study of computers and their usages like computation, processing, systems management, advanced recursive properties, and computer science.

Best Project Topics For Computer Science Student 2021

Aside from this list of project topics for computer science 2021, I will give you a list of final year projects for computer science with source code.

By the way, I also have here some list of Best PHP Projects with source codePython Projects with sourceDjango Projects with Source codeC/C++ programming projects with source code, Java Projects With Source CodeJavascript Projects With Source Code, and VB.Net Projects with Source Code which I believe after finding your Final Year Project Title, you need to find a Sample projects with source code.

I know that being a Computer science student is not easy, especially if you will be doing your final project for the last year or capstone projects.

To lessen your burden, I have listed here a 100 Computer Science project topics for final years.

List of Best Computer Science Projects Topics 2021

Best Project Topics For Computer Science Student 2021

  • A Distributed Learning System with Desktop recording, VoIP, Desktop Sharing and Session Sharing

  • A Railway Anti-Collision System with Auto-Track Changing and Phis Plate Removal Sensing

  • A Wireless Communication Protocol Based on Electric Bulb

  • Adaptive Coaching and Co-Operative System for MANETS

  • ADHOC Networks Based Bandwidth Estimation of IEEE 802.11

  • Agent-Based Blocking and Response, Intrusion Detection using Signature

  • An SSL Back End Forwarding Scheme of Clusters Based On Web Servers

  • Approximate and Efficient Processing of Query in Peer-to-Peer Networks

  • The architecture of Distributed Database in Next Generation Mobile Networks for Global Roaming

  • Artificial Neural Network Based Verification of Digital Signature

  • Authentication and Adaptive Security for DNS System

  • Automated Image Enhancement Based Identification of Plaque

  • Automated Transport Enquiry System in MySQL and C# Based on Voice

  • Automatic Removal and Estimation of Noise in From a Single Image

  • Automatic Teller Machine Network Implementation based Controlling of CAC Connection Admission

  • Bullet Physics and Cinder Graphics Based Doodle Processing System

  • Using Concurrent Engineering Train Simulation Based on Genetic Algorithm

  • By Using Steganography Compression and Decompression of Wavelet

  • Camera-Based Heart Rate Detector using Android

  • Channel Rate Allocation for Scalable Video Streaming Using Genetic Algorithm over Error-Prone Networks Based on GOP

  • Chinese Input with Eye Tracking and Keyboard

  • Coded Structured Light-Based Real-Time 3-D Data Processing

  • Computer Folders ‘Security with a Bluetooth-Enabled Mobile Phone and Rinjdal Security Extension

  • Computer-Aided Instruction with Voice Recognition system

  • Controlling of Topology in Ad hoc Networks by Using Cooperative Communication

  • Credit Card Reader with Face Recognition based on Webcam

  • Customer Relationship Management Based on Distributed Component Router

  • Data Integrity Maintenance and Dynamic University Linking

  • Developing the Encryption, API, Architecture, and Security of Biometric Technology

  • Data Mining Technique Based Building Intelligent Shopping for Web Services

  • Data Warehousing and Data Mining Dictionary

  • Design and Implementation of E Secure Transaction

  • Design and implementation of Mobile Banking

  • Development of an Application for Weekly Automatic College Timetable

  • Digest Algorithm for Efficient Message for Data Security

  • Document Tracker System with Intensive Algorithm

  • Dynamic Logistics Management and Support Systems

  • Dynamic Time Warping and Triangular matching Based on a Fingerprint Verification System

  • Efficient and Distribution and Secure Content Processing by Cooperative Intermediaries

  • Filtering and Analyzing of Effective Packet System for ATM Network

  • Fingerprint Verification System Based on a Correction

  • Flexible Data Dissemination Strategy in Mobile Wireless Communication Networks for Effective Cache Consistency

  • Fuzzy Keyword Search in Cloud Computing over Encrypted Data

  • Graph Analysis and Generation for Detecting the Source Code Plagiarism Based on Program

  • Hidden Markov Models Based Credit Card Fraud Detection

  • High-Speed Face Recognition Based on RBF Neural Networks and Discrete Cosine Transform.

  • Online Hotel Reservation System in PHP/MySQLi

  • Image Analysis and Compression with PSNR and MSE Technique

  • Identification and Matching of Robust-Face Name Graph for Movie Character

  • Image Processing for Resizing and Bilinear Filters

  • Image Processing Segmentation Based Verification of Secured Fingerprint Using

  • Computational Geometry Algorithms

  • Image Retrieval Imaging Based on Content, Adaptive and Personal

  • Implementation of Multi Router Traffic Monitoring

  • Implementation of Threshold Cryptography for MANET Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography

  • Implicit Approach Based Animating and Buildup of Wind-Driven Snow

  • Increased Development Process Quality-Based Testing of Automotive Real-Time

  • Inter-Domain Packet Filters based Controlling of IP Spoofing

  • Internet-Based Monitoring of Remote Electrocardiogram

  • Internet Protocol Trace Back Based Detection and Modeling of Camouflaging Worm

  • JMX Based Managing and Monitoring the Clusters

  • Load Balancing of Artificial Intelligence Network using Ant Colony Optimization

  • Management System of Pharmacy in MySQL and PHP

  • Mathematical Morphology Based Algorithm for Image Noise Reduction

  • Mobile Health Tips using Android

  • Modeling and Detection of the Camouflaging Worm

  • Motion Extraction Techniques Based on Identifying the Level of Perception Power from Video

  • Multicast Routing For Collaborative Applications with Delay Variation Constraints On Overlay Networks

  • Multicasting of Bandwidth Efficient Video in Multiradio Multicellular Wireless networks

  • Multidimensional and Color Imaging Projections

  • Multithreaded Socket Based Email Server

  • Musical Conversion and Recognition for Music Compression

  • Near-Optimal Multicast Scheme Using a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Hoc and Mobile Networks

  • Network Border Patrol for Promoting Fairness on the Internet and Preventing Congestion Collapse

  • Network Security Implementation Layer through Voice Biometric

  • Novel Framework for Personalized Retrieval and Semantic Annotation of Sports Videos

  • Pattern Recognition and Dynamic Character Using Neural Network

  • Query Workload Based Online Index Recommendations of High Dimensional Data Bases

  • Recognition of Digits Back Propagation and Handwritten Based on Neural Network

  • Real-Time Transmission Protocol Based Broadcasting of Multicast Video

  • Recognition of Dynamic Pattern and Character Using Neural Networks

  • Recognition of Hand Movement for Paralytic Persons Based on a Neural Network

  • Ridges and Fusion of Minutiae Based Fingerprint Identification Using Strength Factors

  • Rule Mining Algorithm for Efficient Association in Distributed Databases

  • Simulation and Modeling of Unknown Factors in Acquisition

  • Smart Card Security and Static Analysis Perspective from a Java

  • SNMP Based Network Monitoring and Analyzer Tool

  • Software and Algorithms for problems in Radiation Therapy and Radio Surgery and Medical Applications

  • Speech Stress Analysis based Cheap Lie Detector for Loyalty Test

  • Storage Systems Based HBA Distributed Meta Data Management for large Cluster

  • Supply Chain Management System Based on Distributed Component Router

  • Travelling Salesman and Genetic Algorithm Problem Using ATL COM and C#

  • Using Pythagoras and Trigonometry to Watermark an Image

  • Verification of Dynamic Signature Using Pattern Signature

  • Voice-based E-mail for the Blind

  • Water Turbidity Monitoring and Notification System

  • Web-Based Bus Ticket Reservation System

  • Web-Based Graphical Password Authentication System

  • Weather Forecast Application using Android

  • Web-Based Online Blood Donation System

  • XML Enable SQL Server Based Data Storage and Minimization

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Watch the video here to see some of the Final Year Projects for Computer Science with Source Code in Python

Final year projects for computer science with source code

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Here are some articles might help you doing your document to support your computer science project topics for final years :


The study of CS engineering includes programming, design, analysis, and theory. Engineering comes to involve coming up with and development of different application-based code.

Engineering project topics will be enforced by a variety of tools like Java, VB.NET Application, Databases, Oracle, and the likes.

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