List of VB.Net Projects with Source Code Free Download

VB.Net Projects with Source Code is a project compilation made using a Visual Basic.Net Framework. 

These VB.Net Project with source code comes from different modules that involve planning, designing, and implementation.

Most of the projects uploaded here are awarded as the best thesis or best capstone projects from other schools.

All of the visual basic source code uploaded here are 100% guaranteed free source codes to download and I am sure that this compilation can help you become a better visual basic programmer in the near future.

List of VB.Net Projects With Source Code

Time needed: 5 minutes

VB.Net Projects with Source Code Free to Download

  1. Payroll System

    This system can be used by those company that wants to automate their Payroll system services.
    Payroll System in VB.Net Projects with Source Code

  2. Barangay Information System

    This Barangay Information Management System Project is developed using can manage barangay officials and household information. It can assign every household to respective purok. Barangay Information management System Source Code in VB.Net Projects with source code

  3. Send SMS Messages using Modem

    This Send SMS Messages using Modem will be a big help for those who are planning to develop a system that has a Sending of SMS messages features
    sms vb net source code

  4. Loan assessment management system

    This is a Windows-based application that was designed to enable the management system in to keep records of loan transactions by its customers.

  5. Backup Restore MS Access Database

    This Backup Restore MS Access Database, I assumed that you have already a background on using Visual Basic.Net or VB 2008 up to a higher version. Backup Restore MS Access Database Using Visual Basic 2012

  6. Point of Sale and Inventory System

    A Point of Sale and Inventory System project in using visual studio has a Barcode support Inventory system, Point of Sales, Stock Master (Stock in and Stock Out of Items), Item Category master, and the likes.

  7. Sales Management System

    This system is intended for small-business enterprise especially that deals with vehicle cash installments or straight cash. Sales Management System Source Code using VB.Net

  8. Automated Electronic-Portfolio System

    The Automated Electronic-Portfolio Management System is developed in visual basic net. This system is intended for the use of the student. This Automated Electronic-Portfolio System will allow the student to create their own portfolio for future use in applying for a job.  Automated Electronic-Portfolio System using VB.NET

  9. Voting System

    The Voting System is intended for the PHINMA-University of Iloilo Student Council National and Local Elections. This voting system source code allows the student to vote automated without the use of paper works.  Voting System source code using and mysql

  10. Complete Award Automated Recording System

    This Complete Award Automated Recording System is intended for recording the awardee’s information without the use of the pen. Complete Award Automated Recording System using VB.Net

  11. KCC Car Pass System

    This KCC Car Pass System is made for Kabankalan Catholic College. It manages the owner’s information and also their car(s) information. It prints the receipt for the transaction.  Car Pass System

  12. Monbela Hotel Management System

    The main objective of this Hotel Management System is to computerize the processes of the database system that will include: adding guestschecking inchecking out and reservation.Hotel Management System Using VB.Net

  13. Student Evaluation System

    This Evaluation System Project used to evaluate the subject of every student to find out whether they have taken already the subject that they enrolled or they need to take first the pre-requisite before enrolling a subject. Student Evaluation System

  14. Inventory and Monitoring System with SMS notification

    The purpose Inventory Management of the PHINMA UI Career and Alumni Center Information and Monitoring System with SMS notification is to have an easier way to save alumni information to the mysql database and secure the information as well.  sms notification

  15. Clinic Information Management System of KCCollege

    The Kabankalan Catholic College Clinic Information System in completes all the terms of check-ups, appointments of medicationinventory, and generate reports.
    clinic information management system

  16. Attendance monitoring system for Raymundo T. Tongson National High School Su-ay extension

    This Attendance monitoring system has shown that regular attendance and academic achievement are closely linked; it is, therefore, important that we know you are attending regularly. 
    attendance monitoring system raymundo tongson

  17. Fast Food Cashiering System

    Just like in any fast-food chain automated cashiering, this cashiering system also displays orders on the screen that are available in the kitchen. It’s a user-friendly, fast and efficient. Fast food Cashiering System

  18. School Attendance Monitoring System

    This School Attendance Monitoring system Project can registered students can sign in and sign out every time there is an event in the school. attendance monitoring System source code

  19. Automated Class Record System

    This Automated Class Record System is a simple system designed for teachers/Instructors who find it difficult Creating a Class record. Automated Class Record System

  20. Job Ordering System with Sales and Inventory

    This Job Ordering System with Sales and Inventory can monitor all kinds of assets registered in the system, it can also track all the transactions, at every end of the day the system can monitor the sales and the system is able to generate different kinds of reports. Job Ordering System


This post is for those who want to learn Visual Basic programming or vb net programming. They can use the projects with source code as a reference to develop their projects.

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