JavaScript Projects For Beginners With Free Source Code

This article is all about the Best JavaScript Projects For Beginners With Free Source Code, I will give you free downloadable HTML and JavaScript Projects with source code that can be used in your personalized Web Development projects.

Learning JavaScript is one of the most essential skills that every web developer should acquire.

It means that being a web developer is expected to be fully equipped or with enough knowledge in JavaScript programming.

Frequently Asked Questions about JavaScript

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a scripting or programming language that allows you to implement complex features on web pages. This allows you to calculate, validate data and manipulate both HTML and CSS. You can use JavaScript to display timely content updates, display animated 2D/3D graphics, interactive maps, etc.

Between JavaScript and an ASP script, which is faster?

JavaScript is faster. JavaScript is a client-side language and thus it does not need the assistance of the web server to execute. On the other hand, ASP is a server-side language and hence is always slower than JavaScript. Javascript now is also a server side language (nodejs).

Is it possible to break JavaScript Code into several lines?

Breaking within a string statement can be done by the use of a backslash, ‘\’, at the end of the first line

Which company developed JavaScript?

Netscape is the software company who developed JavaScript.

What is a prompt box?

A prompt box is a box which allows the user to enter input by providing a text box. Label and box will be provided to enter the text or number.

How can you submit a form using JavaScript?

To submit a form using JavaScript use document.form[0].submit();

How can the style/class of an element be changed?

It can be done in the following way:
document.getElementById(“myText”).style.fontSize = “10?;
document.getElementById(“myText”).className = “anyclass”;

Mention what is the disadvantage of using innerHTML in JavaScript?

If you use innerHTML in JavaScript the disadvantage is
Content is replaced everywhere
We cannot use like “appending to innerHTML”
Even if you use +=like “innerHTML = innerHTML + ‘html’” still the old content is replaced by html
The entire innerHTML content is re-parsed and build into elements, therefore its much slower
The innerHTML does not provide validation and therefore we can potentially insert valid and broken HTML in the document and break it

This JavaScript Beginner Projects is a collection of the Best JavaScript Projects with source code for beginners containing a useful list of topicsideas and designed for free download.

This Free Download JavaScript Projects with source code is believed to be useful for those new programmers who want to learn more about c programming.

If you are new to computer programming, I believe this project in JavaScirpt with source code would give you a good foundation in JavaScript programming.

JavaScript Projects, Ideasm, and Topics For Beginners With Source Code

Time needed: 5 minutes

List of Beginner JavaScript Projects With Source Code, Ideas, and Topics

  • Examination Apps

    The Examination Apps is a simple examination program in JavaScript using multidimensional array, this is just a CBT computer-based test, but it is a prototype.
    Examination Apps in Javascript with Source Code 2021

  • Expense Tracker

    The Expense Tracker allow users to better track their expenditures and revenue. The Expense tracker will show you the homepage where you can see your balance, income, expenses, and the history of expenses.

    Expense Tracker in JavaScript with Source Code

  • Speech Text Reader

    The Speech Text Reader allows you to transform your text to speech form automatically. You can only click on the words in the picture to get their speech form or simply type any word you want to hear.
    Text to Speech JavaScript with Source Code

  • Market Billing System

    The Market Billing System can make a bill for your item purchase is the Market Billing System with Source Code. This project will measure the total products that the client has ordered. The system’s aim is to fasten the billing and automate the transaction calculation.
    Market Billing System in JavaScript with Source Code

  • Attendance Management System

    The Attendance Management System includes an admin side and a user side that allows a user to enter for attendance.
    In controlling this method, the admin has an important role to play. In this project, from the admin side, the user has to carry out all the key functions.
    Attendance Management System in JavaScript with Source Code

  • Movie Management System

    This movie management system has action movies, drama, comedy , drama, horror, romance, and many more, there are many film genres to choose from.

    The user has the option to add a movie and create a list of movies with their descriptions in this Movie Management System, such as name, category, place ratings and you can also write a brief summary of the movie.
    Movie Management System in JavaScript with Source Code

  • Currency Converter Project

    This Simple Currency Converter Project is a basic fascinating task which is just in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In this application, the client can type the unit of cash for changing over and enter the sum to change over, at that point see the aftereffect of the transformation. The application additionally incorporates a show record permitting the application to work disconnected. Likewise, this system project incorporates a great deal of JavaScript for making approvals to specific pieces of the task.
    Currency Converter Project in JavaScript with Source Code

  • Ecommerce

    This E-commerce brings convenience for customers as they do not have to leave home and only need to browse website online, especially for buying the products which are not sold in nearby shops.
    It could help customers buy wider range of products and save customers’ time.
    Consumers also gain power through online shopping.
    Ecommerce in JavaScript Framework with Source Code

  • Todo List

    The Todo List is an interesting Project With Source Code. The user can add the number of to-do work details and you can see the details stored in the list form like sticky list notes. 
    Also, the user can delete the list items if he/she wants to remove it.

    Todo List In JavaScript With Source Code

  • Calculator

    The Calculator is for solving the mathematical calculations of numbers. You can see the basic features of the calculator in this project.

    A Calculator Features; the user can add, subtract, divide, multiply, even check the remainder of any two numbers. You can just click the numbers you want to involve in calculations and click the button with “=” sign for the result.
    Simple Calculator in JavaScript Source Code Free Download

  • Fibonacci Series

    The Fibonacci Series is a small and interesting project to generate the Fibonacci series of the required length.
    The user has to enter the number for generating the series and you will see the entered length of Fibonacci series.

    A Fibonacci is a micro framework for generating different series in different length.
    The user has to enter the number for the series length, then click ‘Generate’ button to generate the series.
    Also, this Project you can learn on how to Write A Program To Fibonacci Series In JavaScript.
    Fibonacci Series In JavaScript With Source Code

  • CRUD Operation

    The CRUD Operation stands for: CreateReadUpdate and Delete. This Simple CRUD Operation In JavaScript is for adding the different records of the employees.

    This CRUD JavaScript project uses Crud Operation for the management system as mentioned in the title itself. A CRUD Operation In AngularJS user can add the records of many employees with their name, code, salary and address.

    Here, the user can add the data, delete the data whenever they want, and also edit the records details if they have to update some data.

    This CRUD Operation In JavaScript Example includes a lot of JavaScript for making validations to certain parts of the project CRUD Operation Using JavaScript.
    CRUD Operations In JavaScript With Source Code

  • Music Player

    The Music Player is for listening to our self-made songs collection app. The user can play different kinds of music and enjoy the sound of their music

    The user can adjust the background color of the app and click the forward and backward play button to change the songs.
    Music Player In JavaScript With Source Code

  • Random Password Generator

    The Random Password Generator is a scripting language that enables you to create dynamically updating content, control multimedia, animate images, and pretty much everything else, can update and change both HTML and CSS.
    Random Password Generator in JavaScript with Source Code

  • Library System

    The Library System enables you to create dynamically updating content, control multimedia, animate images, and pretty much everything else, can update and change both HTML and CSS.
    Library System using JavaScript with Source Code

  • Register Items Project

    The Register Items Project is to display elements registered in panel form through the “submit” button. As soon as the client presses the send button, the product will be displayed in the field.

    The client can add the number of product items and view details saved in the list such as sticky notes. Users can also search or delete product items if they want to delete them.
    Register Items Project in JavaScript with Source Code

  • Login System

    The Login System page contains a title, a login frame (for username and password) and a login button that “submits” the input information. Note that I utilized citation marks around the accommodation since there’s no real accommodation. Not one or the other the username nor the password are sent to a server to be approved.
    Login System in JavaScript with Source Code

  • Address Book Project

    The Address Book Project page contains a title, the user can create new contact, view the record and the user also can delete the record.

    This system will offer assistance to the clients to keep track of companions and family by overseeing in your contact list.
    Address Book Project in JavaScript with Source Code

  • Grade Calculator

    This tutorial How To Make A Grade Calculator is developed using JavaScript, JQuery, CSS and HTML. This JavaScript Grade Calculator Example code can be used as your calculator to any mathematical problem.

    Grade Calculator In JavaScript with Source Code

  • Live Chat

    The Live Chat is very simple and similar to-other public chatrooms so that the user won’t find difficult to use. To run this project you must have installed virtual server i.e XAMPP on your pc (for Windows).
    Live Chat In JavaScript With Source Code

  • Quiz Application

    The Quiz Application give a simple question to the user to be answer and after that the score will display and count the correct answer of the user.

    A Quiz For Beginners is designed for the beginners or the students who wants to learn in web developing. The HTML JavaScript Quiz Code is easy to understand the codes and also easy to manipulate by the users.
    JavaScript Quiz Source Code

  • Bookmark Project

    The project is designed to add records of various locations that you want to mark for a later visit. You can hold bookmarks with the acceptable name of any website you want.

    For the management method, this project uses Crud service. The user should use the right name to add the records of several pages.

    The user can add the information here, delete the information whenever they want, and visit the bookmarked sites whenever they want. This project contains a lot of JavaScript to validate those elements.
    Bookmark Project in JavaScript with Source Code

  • Drag And Drop

    A Drag And Drop Demo is designed for the beginners or the student who wants to learn in web developing.
    The Drag And Drop JavaScript Library is easy to understand and the flow of the project Drag And Drop JavaScript and also easy to manage by the users.
    Drag And Drop JavaScript With Source Code

  • Bank Management System

    The Bank Management System project created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. JavaScript is a scripting language that enables you to create dynamically updating content, control multimedia, animate images, and pretty much everything else, can update and change both HTML and CSS.
    Bank Management System in JavaScript with Source Code

By the way, you can make some request to upload your best project in c that are not listed in this category. And as promise, itsourcecode team would do it’s best to provide you knowledge as long as we are able.

Final thoughts

All of the JavaScript mini projects with source code found in this article are intended for beginners who want to acquire knowledge from experience and all of the JavaScript Projects here are all 100% free to download.

The itsourcecode team are happy to be part of your journey in the world of programming. I hope this could help you to be a great JavaScript programmer or Web Developer someday.


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