Hans Hotel Reservation System In PHP

Hans Hotel Reservation System In PHP

The Hans hotel reservation system In PHP is created by the BSIT 4th year student as their final requirement in capstone subject. This Reservation system allows the guest to select rooms, view rooms, accommodations and reserve rooms. And this system also has an admin side where in the admin has a user management system and has the option in viewing all the reservation records by the guest.

In order to execute this application, download and extract the file and copy it inside the your document root. Then open your phpmyadmin, and create a database named “hans_db”. Next import the database that can be found inside the hans folder named “hans_db”.

To log in the admin side of this system you can use this user accounts.

For more inquiries with regard to the system you can contact the group  who created this system.

Download the Source Code Here.hans

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