Restaurant Management System Dataflow Diagram

Restaurant Management System Dataflow Diagram | DFD Levels 0, 1 & 2

RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM DFD – or also known as Dataflow Diagram for Restaurant Management System Project displays and explains the flow of data inside the system. It gives detailed illustration of data transformation and processes from being an input up to making it an output. It also tells how the system receives the input, store it in a database and how it is managed throughout the figured process. The processes and transformations of data for Restaurant Management System was specified in DFD Levels 0, 1 and 2.

Dataflow Diagrams (DFD) gives a big help in developing any system including Restaurant Management. In the rapidly growing technology, software are also evolving and makes a big change in our everyday activities. From the manual doing of task in offices and establishments, software is now applied. So in developing every software, you’ll be needing Dataflow Diagrams.

Here’s what you need to know.

The Dataflow Diagram (DFD) represents the flow of data and the transformation of processes that happens in Restaurant Management System Project. And in the DFD, input, processing, and output are used to represent and define the overall flow of the system. Upon reading through this article, you’ll then find how the system react with the user and handle data it receives.

You also need to be informed that the DFD Diagram helps you determine the needed data inputs and possible output in Restaurant Management system. It is because, the Dataflow diagram is a designed to meet the needed data information for system development. It is also part of the Capstone Project Documentation that informs panels and readers about the flow of essential data in the system.

To have an advance knowledge about the Dataflow Diagram, you must be familiarize with these symbols:

Data Flow Diagram Symbols

The Restaurant Management System Documentation not only contains the DFD Diagram. Its development works best with other Diagrams from UML. Example of which are the following:

Dataflow Diagram (DFD) for Restaurant Management System Project and its Levels 0, 1 & 2

Time needed: 10 minutes

Now here’s the Dataflow Diagram levels 0, 1 & 2 for Restaurant Management System and the explanation of each levels.

  • Restaurant Management System Data Flow Diagram Level 0

    To start with, let us familiarize what is Restaurant Management System Data Flow Diagram level 0.

    The Restaurant Management System DFD level 0 is also known as context diagram. It’s shows an abstract view of main processes included in Restaurant Management System .
    DFD Diagram Level 0 for Restaurant Management System
    This DFD level 0 illustration depicts the overall structure of Restaurant Management System as a single bubble. Then its details will be specified as the DFD levels gets more distinct. It also comes with incoming/outgoing indicators or arrow showing input and output data.

    In this dataflow diagram (DFD) you will see the general process done in Restaurant Management System . It shows the main process, main actor/actors and the arrows with labels to know the flow of data.

    As you see, when you build the levels of data flow diagrams, the connections of the transactions and data also broadens and gets more specific.

  • Restaurant Management System Data Flow Diagram Level 1

    Next to the context diagram is the level 1 data flow diagram.

    The content of Restaurant Management System DFD level 1 must be in accord from the idea of context diagram. the ideas presented in the context diagram was broken down into more specific details. Its main process was broken down into the processes that completes it. Then you will determined the needed data to complete each processes in Restaurant Management System.

    The following are essential data to accommodate:
    • Customers’ Records
    • Restaurant Information
    • Dishes’ Details
    • Menu
    • Order Records
    • Delivery Information
    DFD Diagram Level 1 for Restaurant Management System
    These procedures require information such as record of customers, dish details and information, menu, orders and overall reports from which served as the basis for the Restaurant crews to manage all orders and deliveries. These records are used in processes stated and were stored in the data store that you will see in the next level.

    With being knowledgeable about the DFD level 1 of the Restaurant Management System, you will know then its broaden context terms.

    In addition to that, this level shows how the inputs or data fed on the system were processed. Then you will be also informed about the outputs that the system gives. And the processes shown in this DFD Level 1 were all based on the concept of the stated Restaurant Management System Project.

  • Restaurant Management System Data Flow Diagram Level 2

    After understanding the Data Flow Diagram levels 0 and 1, next in line is the level 2.

    Here’s what you need to consider in creating data flow diagram level 2 for Restaurant Management System.
    • DFD Level 2 should present the system specific components, database and flow of data between the processes and actors of the Restaurant Management.
    • Since the DFD level 2 is the highest abstraction level, Restaurant Management System processes must be detailed that is continuation of the DFD level 1.
    DFD Diagram Level 2 for Restaurant Management System
    DFD level 2 let’s you know the ideas on where does the data inputs goes after every processes within the Restaurant Management System. Considering the the dataflow levels mentioned above, you can determine well the importance of breaking the processes into more specific manner.

    The presented level not only shows you the detailed processes of system, but also gives you precise destination of the data that flows in the system. This Data Flow Diagram will also be your references as you make and design your own Online Management System.

Additional Knowledge on DFD Levels 0, 1 & 2 of Restaurant Management System.

Restaurant Management System Management System Data Flow Diagram Level 0 (Context Diagram)

A context diagram is another name for DFD Level 0. With the mechanism represented as a single process and external parties it will be an abstract view. It depicts the overall structure as a single bubble with incoming/outgoing indicators showing input and output data.

The data flow diagram level 0 also considers the entire system to be a single process and emphasizes the system’s interaction with external entities.

Context diagrams (level 0 DFDs) are diagrams in which the entire system is represented as a single process. A single process node and its connections to external entities are depicted in Level 0 data flow diagrams.

Restaurant Management System Data Flow Diagram Level 1 (Detonated View)

Level 1 DFDs provide a broad overview but go into greater depth than a context diagram. The single process node from the context diagram is broken down into sub processes in a level 1 data flow diagram. It lists all of the major sub-processes that make up the entire system. 1It can be thought of as a “detonated view” of the context diagram.

Restaurant Management System Data Flow Diagram Level 2

The 2-level DFD delves even deeper into the concepts of 1-level DFD. It can be used to plan or record all of the specific/necessary information about how the system works.

Level 2 DFD is the DFD’s highest abstraction level and represents the system’s basic modules as well as the data that flows between them.


All in all, the ideas explained in this article were all formulated to provide you the exact details on how would you build your own data flow diagrams. It is also to make sure that the data inputs and outputs are in the right place while building the said project.

Now why should you make your dataflow diagram right?

It is because, the dataflow diagram serves as the blueprint of how would you secure the flow of data in the project. And through this, you will be able to build your project right and meet the given requirements.

And that completes our discussion about data flow diagram! And I hope that this discussion about Restaurant Management System Dataflow Diagram Levels 0, 1 and 2 will help you a lot.

Now let me ask you something. What have you learned through the discussion?

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