Data Flow Diagram Examples 2021


Data Flow Diagram Example 2021

This article describes and explains about Data Flow Diagram with Examples 2021 that will give you a detailed idea of what is Data Flow Diagram and How to Create a Data Flow Diagram with Examples.

What is Data Flow Diagram?

A Data Flow Diagram or (DFD) is a way of visual representation of a flow of data in a certain process or system. The data flow diagram can provide information about the process, inputs, and outputs of each entity.

The data flow diagram uses defined symbols like rectangles, circles, and arrows, plus short text labels, to show data inputs, outputs, storage points and the routes between each destination.


A data flow diagram has no decision, loops, and control flow.

Symbols and Notations Used for Creating a Data Flow Diagram

Data Flow Diagram Example 2020

  • Library Borrowing System Data Flow Diagram Example

    Library Borrowing System Data flow Digram Example
    In this Library Borrowing System Dataflow Digram example the librarian will log in to the system and then the librarian will register students and books that are in the library. If the students have been registered and wanted to borrow books, the student will search the book/s, and then he/she will present his/her registered library card together with the book/s he/she intended to borrow. The librarian will record the transaction using the proposed system and will set the due date for the book to be returned. After recording, he/she will release the book/s and student’s library card together with the receipt. When the student returned the book before the due date, the staff will record the transaction successfully and update the booking status. In case of loss or damage, the librarian will give a fine to the student that will be given to the accounting office for penalty purposes.

  • Sales and Inventory System Data Flow Diagram Example

    Sales and Inventory System Data Flow Diagram Example
    In this Sales and Inventory System data flow Diagram Example, you can see there the process of data from Customer order to Point of Sale with the help of cashier for processing of order requested by a specific customer. And on the Inventory System, you can observe the flow from supplier to manager up to the inventory of products.

  • Attendance Monitoring System Data Flow Diagram Example

    Attendance Monitoring system Data flow diagram example
    The Attendance Monitoring System Data flow diagram Example shows that the staff will register the student or teacher and be verified by the staff. The registration is only a one-time process for each student and teacher. After the registration, it will continue to log in and record for daily attendance. Reports can be generated daily or monthly according to the student’s or teachers’ requests.

  • Point of Sales and Inventory System Data Flow Diagram Example

    Point of Sales and Inventory System Data Flow Diagram Example
    Data Flow Diagram of Proposed Solution shows all the concepts and flows of each entity that shows all the processes in the proposed system solution showing this flow may help the reader for identity in which the process begins.

  • Student Enrollment System Data Flow Diagram Example

    Enrollment System Data Flow Diagram Example
    The High School Proposed Enrollment System Data Flow Diagram shows the Proposed System Data Flow Diagram of the Ilog Catholic High School. First, the student must register his personal information and will be saved in the student record database. After the student’s registration, the staff will select one record of the student and will use it for enrollment. In the enrollment process, the staff will select subjects for the students in the school year. At the same time will assign the teacher for the subjects. And then, the staff will create a schedule for the student. Finally, the staff will generate a report from enrollment and will provide the student with a copy of the printed report that the staff created.

  • Motor Trade Sales and Inventory System Data Flow Diagram Example

    This is the process done in Motor trade Sales and inventory System from customer order of product up to release, payment reports and delivery.Motor Trade Services and Inventory Management System

  • Pharmacy Management System with Payroll Data Flow Diagram Example

    Data Flow Diagram of proposed solution shows all the concept and flows of each entity that shows all the process in proposed system solution showing this flow may help to the reader for identity which the process begins. It often used as a preliminary step to create an overview of pharmacy without going into great detail, which can later be elaborated. It normally consist of overall application data flow and processes of the pharmacy process. It contains all of the user flow and their entities such as all the flows of pharmacy.Pharmacy management System data Flow Diagram Example


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