15-CSS Border Color Property


The CSS Border Color Property gives the privilege  to change the color of any border surrounding a given set of elements. A user  can individually change the color of  any (bottom, left, top and right) sides of an element’s border using the following  properties −

  • border-bottom-color to change the color of the bottom border.
  • border-top-color to change the color of the top border.
  • border-left-color to  change the color of left border.
  • border-right-color to  change the color of the right border.


This is showing all borders in different and unique colors.

This is showing all borders in pink color only!!

[/css] This is another creative use of CSS border properties like dashed, groove, outset etc

Here I have provided you with another set of example to demonstrate it more clearly.


A border with no width.

a solid border.

a dahsed border.

a double border.

a groove border.

A ridge border.

a inset border.

an outset border.

a hidden border.

This is a border with four different styles.

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