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Baptism Information Management System In PHP

Baptism Information Management System In PHP

This is a complete Baptism Information Management System project in PHP. This system created using PHP/MySQL and Twitter bootstrap framework and TCPDF for reports. And it has a feature for adding the new entry for baptism, edits entry and deletes entry and this system is also capable of generating baptismal reports.

Online Baptismal Information Management System is a simple PHP project. This web-based program enables a specific church to keep and manage the records of baptismal or christening certificates.

The application also enables online searches of a person’s baptismal records by the general public. This offers a pleasant user interface and functionalities that are easy to use.

About Project

The Admin Side and the Public Side are the two sides of the user interface for the Simple Online Baptismal Information Management System. The section of the application known as the Admin Side is where the management or employees of the church may manage the baptismal data and queries.

Visitors can browse baptismal records and view the page’s content on the Public Side. Using either the baptizer’s name or the baptismal code, the visitor can quickly search the baptismal records. The printable Certificate of Baptism can be created by either party.

Here is the following step to set the system.

  1. Extract the downloaded source code
  2. and paste it inside your local server
  3. then inside the directory look for the “dbpims.sql” this is the database used in this application
  4. and open localhost/PHPMyAdmin
  5. then create a new database and name it as dbpims
  6. and import the dbpims.sql file
  7. if successfully imported
  8. then you try to access this application.

Download the source code


All done. You can now look at what this Online Baptism Information Management System in PHP can do and how it works. I hope this project will help you find what you’re looking for and give you ideas for other projects.

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