Baptism Information Management System Version

Baptism Information Management System In PHP

This is a complete Baptism Information Management System. This system created using PHP/MySQL and Twitter bootstrap framework and TCPDF for reports.And it has a feature for adding the new entry for baptism, edits entry and deletes entry and this system is also capable of generating baptismal reports.


Here is the following step to set the system.

  1. Extract the downloaded source code
  2. and paste it inside your local server
  3. then inside the directory look for the “dbpims.sql” this is the database used in this application
  4. and open localhost/PHPMyAdmin
  5. then create a new database and name it as dbpims
  6. and import the dbpims.sql file
  7. if successfully imported
  8. then you try to access this application.

You can download the source code baptism.

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