ListBox Control in – Properties, Methods and Events of ListBox

ListBox Control in VB NET

What is ListBox Control in A ListBox Control in is used to display a list of items in Windows form. It allows the user to select one or more items from the ListBox Control. Furthermore, we can add or design the list box by using the properties, methods and events window at runtime. … Read more

ComboBox Control in – Properties, Methods and Events

ComboBox Control in VB NET

What is ComboBox Control in The ComboBox Control in is used to show multiple options in a drop-down menu. It combines a listbox and a textbox, and the user can enter only one item. A user may also choose an item from a drop-down list using this feature. See also all the Basic Control … Read more

TextBox Control in – Properties, Method and Events of the TextBox

TextBox Control in VB NET

What is TextBox Control in A TextBox Control in is used to show, take text from the user as input, or a single line of text on a Windows form at runtime. Additionally, the Textbox Control allows us to add additional text and scroll bars. On the other hand, we can … Read more

Button Control in – Windows Form Button Control in

Button Control in VB NET

What is Button Control in A Button Control in is used to perform a click event in Windows Forms, and it can be clicked by a mouse or by pressing Enter keys. It is used to submit all queries of the form by clicking the submit button or transfer control to the next … Read more

Label Control in – What is Label Control in

Label Control in VB NET

What is Label Control in A Label Control in is utilized to display the form’s description. It doesn’t take part in keyboard, mouse, or user input activities. Also, runtime label renaming is not possible. The class System.Windows.Forms namespace contains a definition for the labels. See also all the Basic Control Using with … Read more

Form Controls in – Windows Form Controls in

Form Controls in VB NET

What is Form Controls in A Form Controls In is used to build a form-based or window-based application. We may create a visually appealing user interface using the form. It functions as a container for a variety of controls that let a user interact with an application. The controls take the form of … Read more

Basic Controls in – What are the Basic Controls in

Basic Controls in VB NET

What is Basic Controls in A Basic Controls in is a toolbox control on a Visual Basic form is used to build an object, a type of user interface element. In Visual Basic, the shape is actually an object in and of itself. In order for you to test your Code provided … Read more