Online Discussion Forum Project in PHP with Source Code

Online Discussion Forum in PHP With Source Code. The name of this basic project is Online Discussion Forum Site.

This is a PHP and MySQL database-powered web application project. The main objective of this straightforward project is to give an organization an online forum where they may talk about any subject linked to the website or business. Users are free to post any topic on the website under a specific topic area.

Each published topic that has been posted is open to user comments. The AdminLTE Framework and the Bootstrap Framework were used to create the system user interface. Additionally, it has functionalities and features that are user-friendly.

This Online forum for IT Students and Professionals In PHP With Source Code caters an online forum for the students and teachers to interact with each other in real time basis. This system has a admin, professional and students access. You can browse the users and members tables for the access accounts or you can register a new account.

About the Online Discussion Forum Project in PHP

Anyone and the site administration can access this online discussion forum. The project, as I indicated at the beginning of this essay, enables users to upload or publish specific themes. The public and registered users can view any topic that has been published.

To post topics and comments, users must first log in using their credentials after registering with the system. Additionally, this project includes an admin panel site where site administration can control all of the system’s data. An administrator user credential is required to access the features and functionalities on this side of the project.

The site’s administration has the power to edit, replace, and remove user posts and comments. On this website, the admin users can also start a new subject. The task of adding topics to the list of topic categories falls to the Admin Users. They can also change things like the system name and logo.

What is forum?

During the Roman era, it referred to a common area in the middle of a market or town where open conversations about legal, political, and other matters took place. The topics that members can use to start discussions or posts.

Forums are logically divided into a number of generic subjects (often with one major topic), which are maintained and updated by a group of users known as members and supervised by a group of users known as moderators.

Rules to use a forum

To join that forum, fill out the signup form and supply the requested information. You should see a list of sections, typically referred to as “forums,” on the home page.

You should see a list of previously discussed forum topics in one of these “forums,” each with a thread name, occasionally with a description and its “icon.”

Here are some of the following features:

  • Chat system
  • Profile Management
  • Topic posting for IT related topics and many more!

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happy coding!  🙂

Download the source code here.


That sums it up nicely. You are now able to investigate the functions and features that are available on this Online Discussion Forum Project in PHP. I have high hopes that this will be of assistance to you in finding what you are searching for and that you will come across something that will be valuable to you for projects in the future.

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  1. Hi guys.. Sory for being a complete novice. I have successfully registered an account here. But I never really used any forums or blogs. Whats the difference between topics, categories and threads. Sort of confusing. I am a newbie, so can anyone help me in regards to this.

    • every categories has topics… then every topics has threads… we will say.. threads are branch topics of that certain main topic under that category… hope this clear your mind. 🙂

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