Best Final Year Project for Computer Science 2024

Today, I will be sharing with you a list of the Best Final Year Projects and Ideas for Computer Science students for the year 2024.

This article is the upgraded version of our previous post about the project topics for computer science students.

Aside from the list of the best final-year projects for computer science 2024, I will give you a list of final-year projects for computer science with source code.

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List of Best Final Year Project for Computer Science (cse) 2024

The following are the best ideas for Final Year Engineering Projects for Computer Science (cse) 2024.

  1. Airline Reservation System
  2. Android – Controlled Car
  3. Android Joystick Application using Bluetooth
  4. Android-Based Class Attendance Monitoring Application using Barcode
  5. Bluetooth Controlled Robot using Android Mobile (CoE/CPE/IT/CS)
  6. Book Catalog Application using Android
  7. Camera-Based Heart Rate Detector using Android
  8. Cemetery Mapping and Information System
  9. Centralized Medical System using Different Sensor for Vital signs Detector
  10. Class Time Table in Android
  11. Client-server based guidance system
  12. Computer-Aided Instruction with Voice Recognition system
  13. E-Learning System
  14. Electronic Police Clearance System
  15. E-voting system
  16. E-Voting System with SMS technology
  17. Face Recognition System
  18. Fish Counting System
  19. Geographic Information System with Flood-Prone Location
  20. Grade Viewer Application in Android
  21. Group Messenger Application using Android
  22. Holistic Computerized Faculty Evaluation System
  23. Home Appliances controlled by Android Smartphone
  24. Hospital system
  25. Hotel management system
  26. Hotel Reservation Application with Mobile Compatibility in Android
  27. Hotel reservation system
  28. Human Resource Management System
  29. Intelligent Traveler Locator using Google Map Application
  30. Internet Cafe System
  31. Judging System
  32. Lending Management system
  33. Library system
  34. Medical records system
  35. Medicine Inventory and Patient Information system
  36. Mobile Educational Application for Elementary Student using Android
  37. Mobile Health Tips using Android
  38. Mobile Pharmacy Application in Android
  39. Mobile Point-Of-Sale Application with SMS Notification
  40. Mobile Reservation for Banquet Halls
  41. Mobile Voting System using Android
  42. Motorcycle Tracking with GPS using Android
  43. On Route Travel Assistant for Public Transport Based on Android Technology
  44. Online bidding system
  45. An online class scheduling system
  46. Online courseware
  47. Online Grade Inquiry
  48. Online Grading System
  49. The online hotel reservation system
  50. Online inventory system
  51. Online Lot Reservation
  52. Online management system
  53. Online membership and billing system
  54. Online payroll system
  55. Online POS(Point of Sale)
  56. Online Product Reservation System
  57. Online public access catalog
  58. Online shopping cart
  59. Online voting system
  60. Order Billing Inventory System
  61. Payroll system
  62. Payroll System with Biometric and Barcode Technology
  63. Pharmacy Automation System
  64. Touch-Screen Based Point-Of-Sale System (POS)
  65. Pharmacy Management System
  66. Quiz Application using Android
  67. Record management system
  68. Resort Management System
  69. RFID-Based Student Monitoring System
  70. Sales and Inventory Monitoring System with SMS
  71. Salon System
  72. School Event Attendance Monitoring System with Biometric and Barcode Technology
  73. SMS-Based Grade Inquiry System
  74. SSG Management System with SMS Notification
  75. Supply inventory system
  76. Supply inventory system
  77. Veterinary Clinic and Pet Shop Management System
  78. Video Library Management System
  79. Video Rental Application in Android
  80. Voting system
  81. Weather Forecast Application using Android
  82. Web-Based Tracking System
  83. Weather Forecast Application using Android
  84. Web-Based Tracking System
  85. Mobile Based Year Book Gallery App (Android and IOS)
  86. Mobile Loan Management and Inquiry Application
  87. LAN/Web Based Sales and Inventory with Decision Support System
  88. Web Application for Real Estate Record Management
  89. Android Based Doorbell Notification App with SMS Support
  90. Web and Mobile Based Faculty Evaluation System (Web for Admin and Mobile for Rating of Students)
  91. GPS based Vehicle theft detection system using GSM technology
  92. Hospital ERP System with Decision Support System: A Data Warehouse of Patient Information
  93. DTR, Payroll System with Android and SMS Notification for Employee
  94. Home Automation and Surveillance with the help of ip camera and wifi module shield
  95. ClassDroid: Web and Mobile Class Record Application
  96. Android/SMS Based Controlled Electronic Bulletin Board
  97. Nursing Education with the use of healthcare software
  98. Information Kiosk for School Campus
  99. RFID Based Security System with GSM technology
  100. Coin Operated Loading Machine Kiosk
  101. Converting Filipino Sign Language to Text using Microsoft Kinect Sensor

Final year projects for computer science with source code

  1. Student Management System Project In Django With Source Code
  2. Billing System In PHP With Source Code
  3. Loan Management System Project In PHP With Source Code
  4. College Management System Project in Django with Source Code
  5. Attendance Management System Django With Source Code
  6. Hostel Management System Project In PHP With Source Code
  7. Bus Reservation System Project in Django with Source Code
  8. Online Voting System Project In PHP With Source Code
  9. Library Management System Project In Django With Source Code
  10. Online Job Portal Project in Python Django with Source Code
  11. Online Food Ordering System using Django with Source Code
  12. Employee Record Management System Project In PHP with Source Code
  13. Online Hospital Management System in PHP projects with source code
  14. Online Blood Bank Management System in PHP with Source Code

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The scope of computer science study includes programming, design, analysis, and theory. Engineering involves coming up with and developing different application-based codes.

Engineering project topics will be enforced by a variety of tools like Java, VB.NET ApplicationsDatabases, Oracle, and the likes.

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