How to Use If Statement in VB.NET With Example

How to Use If Statement in VB.NET With Example

This article how to use If statement in VB.Net with example will teach you how to properly use the if statement using with practical examples that can be used in real situations.

Sample Syntax

If condition Then [ statements ] [ Else [ else statements ] ]

The “If statement in” is a conditional logic branching in computer programming. It contains true and false statements in computer terminology.

The true statement evaluates a nonzero value while the false statement evaluates a zero value.

Explanation with Flowchart

Just like in the sample diagram below, it evaluates the condition if the condition is “TRUE” then it performs the action that corresponds to the statement but, if the condition is “FALSE” the program will perform the alternative action.

if statement in flowchart

This conditional logic is not just for computer programming but this can be also used in your daily life without realizing you’re doing it.

For instance, if you know how to catch fish then you have something to eat for the day but if not, you will be hungry the whole day.
Here’s the example of if and else statement:

Another Example

Code Explanation

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to use If Statement in VB.Net code explanation

  1. Declare a Variable

    In the first two lines, we declare a variable “username” and “userpass” as a string data type.

  2. Assign Value to a Variable

    Next, we assign value to those variable (username and userpass)

  3. Start Condition

    Then, we start the condition and check if the username and userpass are equal to the assigned value.

  4. Perform the Action

    Next, we evaluate the result of condition if it is TRUE then it will display a popup that says “Welcome itsourcecode”.

  5. Set Alternative Action

    In this line, we set an alternative action if the result of condition is false.

  6. End Condition

    Finally, we and the statement.

This if statement in tutorial is an upgrade version of my tutorial “if statement” in another site way back 2013.

I have here a bonus tutorial of using if statement in but in this case, it will be using nested if statement.


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