Bank Management System in JavaScript with Source Code

Bank Management System in JavaScript with Source Code

The Bank Management System in JavaScript is a system project created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

JavaScript is a scripting language that enables you to create dynamically updating content, control multimedia, animate images, and pretty much everything else, can update and change both HTML and CSS.

This project for Bank Management System in JavaScript is complete and totally error free and  also includes a downloadable Source Code for free, just find the downloadable source code below and click to start downloading.

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The Bank Management can be generated by the user by providing an initial deposit amount.

Then, just by providing the user account number and entering the sum, the user can also deposit and withdraw cash.

The consumer can also verify the customers and their balance.

A new account can be established by the user, withdraws and deposit amount, balance demand, and can generate slip.

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To start creating a Bank Management System in JavaScript with Source Code, make sure that you have any platform in creating a JavaScriptbootstrap, and HTML installed in your computer, in my case I will use Sublime Text.

Steps on how to create a Bank Management System in JavaScript with Source Code

Bank Management System in JavaScript with Source Code

  • Step 1: Open Sublime Text.

    First after installing sublime text IDE, click “open” to start.Open Sublime for bank management system in javascript with source code

  • Step 2: Create a HTML file.

    Second click “file” and select “save as” and named it “index.html“.

  • Step 3: Create a JavaScript file.

    Third click “file” and select “save as” and named it “bank.jsCreating bank.js for Bank Management System in JavaScript with Source Code

  • Step 4: Create a CSS file.

    Fourth click “file” and select “save as” and named it “style.css

  • Step 5: The actual code.

    You are free to copy the code given below and paste to your different file created.

This code is for creating structure of index.html

In the code given below, which is for the function for creating structure of index.html, It is composed of enter currency button, enter amount button, and generate slip button.(Bank Management System in JavaScript)

<div class="wrapper"> <div class="rupees"> <table cellspacing=10 px style="border: 1px solid"> <tr> <th> Amount < /th> <th>Quantity</th> <th> Amount < /th> <th>Quantity</th> </tr> <tr> <td>5000</td> <td id="php_fivethousand"> - </td> <td>20</td> <td id="twenty"> - </td> </tr> <tr> <td> 1000 </td> <td id="php_onethousand">-</td> <td> 10 < /td> <td id="ten">-</td> </tr> <tr> <td>500</td> <td id="php_fivehundred"> - </td> <td>5</td> < td id="five"> - < /td> </tr> <tr> <td> 100 < /td> <td id="php_hundred">-</td> < td> 2 < /td> <td id="two">-</td> < /tr> <tr> <td>50</td> < td id="php_fifty"> - </td> <td>1</td> < td id="one"> - </td> </tr> <tr> <td colspan="4"> <input type="button" value="Enter Currency" onclick="amount()"> </td> </tr> </table> </div> <h3 class="total"> Total Amount: <span id="tot_Amounts"> </span> </h3> < h3 class="total"> Amount Deducted: <span id="Ent_Amounts"> </span> </h3> <h3 class="total"> Balance: <span id="Balance"> </span> </h3> <p class="btn btn-1"> <input style="background-color: green" type="button" value="Enter Amount" onclick="EnteredAmounts()"> </p> <p class="btn btn-2"><input style="background-color: red" type="button" value="Generate Slip" onclick="GeneratingSlips()"></p> <p id="zero" class="zeros"> </p> </div> </div>

This code is for adding style

In the code given below, which is for the function for adding a style design of a buttons, labels, and background.(Bank Management System in JavaScript)

body{ background: navajowhite; } .zeros { font-size: 20px; width: 30%; border: 1px solid; font-weight: bold; margin: 0 auto; height: 220px; } table tr td{ border: 1px solid; text-align: center; } td input[type="button"] { width: 100%; height: 33px; border: none; font-size: 19px; font-weight: bold; background: skyblue; cursor: pointer; } .rupees{ width: 25%; margin: 0 auto; } { font-size: 20px; border: 1px solid; display: inline-block; width: 31.33%; padding: 4px; height: 46px; } .btn { width: 20%; text-align: center; display: inline-block; margin-left: 276px; } .btn input[type="button"] { width: 100%; height: 40px; font-size: 19px; font-weight: bold; cursor: pointer; }

This code is for events handling

In the code given below, when the users click the enter currency button it will popup on the screen if how many quantity the user want to put and the users also can enter the amount and can generate slip.(Bank Management System in JavaScript)

var php5000 = 0; var php1000 = 0; var php500 = 0; var php100 = 0; var php50 = 0; var php20 = 0; var php10 = 0; var php5 = 0; var php2 = 0; var php1 = 0; var total = 0; var amt_enter = 0; var phil = 0; var p1 = 0; var p2 = 0; var p3 = 0; var p4 = 0; var p5 = 0; var p6 = 0; var p7 = 0; var p8 = 0; var p9 = 0; var p10 = 0; function amount(){ php5000 = parseInt(prompt("enter quantity for 5000 notes")) document.getElementById("php_fivethousand").innerHTML=php5000 php1000 = parseInt(prompt("enter quantity for 1000 notes")) document.getElementById("php_onethousand").innerHTML=php1000 php500 = parseInt(prompt("enter quantity for 500 notes")) document.getElementById("php_fivehundred").innerHTML=php500 php100 = parseInt(prompt("enter quantity for 100 notes")) document.getElementById("php_hundred").innerHTML=php100 php50 = parseInt(prompt("enter quantity for 50 notes")) document.getElementById("php_fifty").innerHTML=php50 php20 = parseInt(prompt("enter quantity for 20 notes")) document.getElementById("twenty").innerHTML=php20 php10 = parseInt(prompt("enter quantity for 10 notes")) document.getElementById("ten").innerHTML=php10 php5 = parseInt(prompt("enter quantity for 5 coins")) document.getElementById("five").innerHTML=php5 php2 = parseInt(prompt("enter quantity for 2 coins")) document.getElementById("two").innerHTML=php2 php1 = parseInt(prompt("enter quantity for 1 coins")) document.getElementById("one").innerHTML=php1 total = (php5000*5000)+(php1000*1000)+(php500*500)+(php100*100)+(php50*50)+(php20*20)+(php10*10)+(php5*5)+(php2*2)+(php1) document.getElementById("tot_Amounts").innerHTML= total; document.getElementById("zero").innerHTML= "" } function EnteredAmounts(){ amt_enter = parseInt(prompt("Enter amount You pay: ")) phil = amt_enter if(amt_enter <= total){ total = total - amt_enter; document.getElementById("Ent_Amounts").innerHTML = amt_enter; document.getElementById("tot_Amounts").innerHTML= total; document.getElementById("Balance").innerHTML= total; if (amt_enter>=5000){ if (amt_enter >=(php5000*5000) && php5000>0){ amt_enter = amt_enter - (php5000*5000) p1 = php5000 php5000= 0 }else{ if(php5000>0){ p1 = Math.floor(amt_enter/5000) php5000 = php5000 - Math.floor(amt_enter/5000) amt_enter = amt_enter - (Math.floor(amt_enter/5000)*5000) } } document.getElementById("php_fivethousand").innerHTML=php5000; } if (amt_enter>=1000){ if (amt_enter >=(php1000*1000) && php1000>0){ amt_enter = amt_enter - (php1000*1000) p2 = php1000 php1000= 0 }else{ if(php1000>0){ p2 = Math.floor(amt_enter/1000) php1000 = php1000 - Math.floor(amt_enter/1000) amt_enter = amt_enter - (Math.floor(amt_enter/1000)*1000) } } document.getElementById("php_onethousand").innerHTML=php1000; } if (amt_enter>=500){ if (amt_enter >=(php500*500) && php500>0){ amt_enter = amt_enter - (php500*500) p3 = php500 php500= 0 }else{ if(php500>0){ p3 = Math.floor(amt_enter/500) php500 = php500 - Math.floor(amt_enter/500) amt_enter = amt_enter - (Math.floor(amt_enter/500)*500) } } document.getElementById("php_fivehundred").innerHTML=php500; } if (amt_enter>=100){ if (amt_enter >=(php100*100) && php100>0){ amt_enter = amt_enter - (php100*100) p4 = php100 php100= 0 }else{ if(php100>0){ p4 = Math.floor(amt_enter/100) php100 = php100 - Math.floor(amt_enter/100) amt_enter = amt_enter - (Math.floor(amt_enter/100)*100) } } document.getElementById("php_hundred").innerHTML=php100; } if (amt_enter>=50){ if (amt_enter >=(php50*50) && php50>0){ amt_enter = amt_enter - (php50*50) p5 = php50 php50= 0 }else{ if(php50>0){ p5 = Math.floor(amt_enter/50) php50 = php50 - Math.floor(amt_enter/50) amt_enter = amt_enter - (Math.floor(amt_enter/50)*50) } } document.getElementById("php_fifty").innerHTML=php50; } if (amt_enter>=20){ if (amt_enter >=(php20*20) && php20>0){ amt_enter = amt_enter - (php20*20) p6 = php20 php20= 0 }else{ if(php20>0){ p6 = Math.floor(amt_enter/20) php20 = php20 - Math.floor(amt_enter/20) amt_enter = amt_enter - (Math.floor(amt_enter/20)*20) } } document.getElementById("twenty").innerHTML=php20; } if (amt_enter>=10){ if (amt_enter >=(php10*10) && php10>0){ amt_enter = amt_enter - (php10*10) p7 = php10 php10= 0 }else{ if(php10>0){ p7 = Math.floor(amt_enter/10) php10 = php10 - Math.floor(amt_enter/10) amt_enter = amt_enter - (Math.floor(amt_enter/10)*10) } } document.getElementById("ten").innerHTML=php10; } if (amt_enter>=5){ if (amt_enter >=(php5*5) && php5>0){ amt_enter = amt_enter - (php5*5) p8 = php5 php5= 0 }else{ if(php5>0){ p8 = Math.floor(amt_enter/5) php5 = php5 - Math.floor(amt_enter/5) amt_enter = amt_enter - (Math.floor(amt_enter/5)*5) } } document.getElementById("five").innerHTML=php5; } if (amt_enter>=2){ if (amt_enter >=(php2*2) && php2>0){ amt_enter = amt_enter - (php2*2) p9 = php2 php2= 0 }else{ if(php2>0){ p9 = Math.floor(amt_enter/2) php2 = php2 - Math.floor(amt_enter/2) amt_enter = amt_enter - (Math.floor(amt_enter/2)*2) } } document.getElementById("two").innerHTML=php2; } if (amt_enter>=1){ if (amt_enter >=(php1*1) && php1>0){ amt_enter = amt_enter - (php1*1) p10 = php1 php1= 0 }else{ if(php1>0){ p10 = Math.floor(amt_enter/1) php1 = php1 - Math.floor(amt_enter/1) amt_enter = amt_enter - (Math.floor(amt_enter/1)*1) } } document.getElementById("one").innerHTML=php1; } document.getElementById("zero").innerHTML= "" }else{ document.getElementById("Ent_Amounts").innerHTML= "We have insufficient Balance" document.getElementById("zero").innerHTML= "" document.getElementsByClassName("btn-2")[0].innerHTML= "" } } function GeneratingSlips(){ var slip_tot = phil var obj= { "Total Amount:":slip_tot, "Five thousand Notes:": p1, "One thousand Notes:": p2, "Five Hundred Notes:":p3, "One Hundred Notes:":p4, "Fifty Notes:":p5, "Twenty Notes:":p6, "Ten Notes:":p7, "Five Coins:":p8, "Two Coins:":p9, "One Coins:":p10, } document.getElementById("zero").innerHTML+= "&emsp;"+"&emsp;"+"&emsp;"+"&emsp;"+"&emsp;"+"Thank You<br>" for(var i in obj){ if(obj[i] >0){ document.getElementById("zero").innerHTML+= (i+"&emsp;"+"&emsp;") document.getElementById("zero").innerHTML+= ("\t\t"+obj[i]+"<br>") } } p1 = 0 p2 = 0 p3 = 0 p4 = 0 p5 = 0 p6 = 0 p7 = 0 p8 = 0 p9 = 0 p10 = 0 }
Project Name : Bank Management System in JavaScript
Project Platform :JavaScript
Programming Language Used:php,javascript,html,css
Developer Name
IDE Tool (Recommended):Sublime
Project Type :Web Application
Upload Date:November 16, 2020

Downloadable Source Code


In summary, this 2022 Bank Management System in JavaScript with Source Code can be useful to students or professional who wants to learn web development using technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This project can also be modified to fit your personal requirements. Hope this project will help you to improve your skills. Happy coding!


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