Monbela Hotel Management System Project Using VB.Net and MS Access Version 2.0.0

Hotel Management System Project in VB.Net and MS Access

This program is called Monbela Hotel Management System Project Using VB.Net and MS Access.

This system is a great help in hotel companies for them to ease their paperwork for room reservation.

With this system, all paper works and task will be completely done is just a few clicks.

The objective of this project is to computerize the processes of the database system that will include: adding of guest, checking in, checking out and reservation.

One of the goals of this program is to reduce extensive paperwork in the currently used system which is manual. It will make the employee versatile.

Features of Hotel Management System in Project

• The basic feature of this system is easy to access by an employee.
• The main feature of this program is it can choose a room that suits the taste of a customer.
• The rooms have three types of Single, Twice, Family and have an affordable cost of the rooms
• The system can add guest information.
• This system also can see all those who are in the check-in and check out the list.
• The admin can determine all of the guest lists.

System Process

• First fill-up the login form to access the program.
• Then the user will fill-up the form to add guest information.
• The customer will choose the type of room that desires his/her taste.
• If the customer consumes the number of days he/she stayed at the hotel he will pay the amount due.

• The system now can see all of the total sales of the given day.
• The admin now can see all of the guest information.
• The admin can cancel if the customer wants to cancel her/his transaction.

You can try this free online hotel reservation system if you want to create an online reservation system project in PHP.

For the meantime,  you will be able to know the process and what are the functionalities of the system.

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Download the Hotel Management System Project full source code here.

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