KCC Computer Laboratory Inventory Management System in Vb.Net

KCC Computer Laboratory Inventory Management System in Vb.Net

The purpose of this Computer Laboratory Inventory Management System Project is to track the status of the item in a particular area or laboratory.

What is Visual Basic’s purpose?

The third-generation programming language was created to aid developers in the creation of Windows applications. It has a programming environment that allows programmers to write code in.exe or executable files. They can also utilize it to create in-house front-end solutions for interacting with huge databases. Because the language allows for continuing changes, you can keep coding and revising your work as needed.

However, there are some limits to the Microsoft Visual Basic download. If you want to make applications that take a long time to process, this software isn’t for you. That implies you won’t be able to use VB to create games or large apps because the system’s graphic interface requires a lot of memory and space. Furthermore, the language is limited to Microsoft and does not support other operating systems.

Updated Features of Computer Laboratory Inventory Management System Project:

·         Auto generation of the academic year based on the date and time of the local machine.

·         Auto generation of item code of an item based on the area it is assigned and int the number of PC

·         Calculating of item age, to know how long an item is placed on a particular area.


Process of the Computer Laboratory Inventory Management System

1.      First, the user will login to display the corresponding controls based on the user type.

2.   Then if user type that currently logged in is staff it can set the academic year to be able to determine what academic year the item will be recorded. Otherwise, if the user type is student it can only add items and view the history of its activities performed.

3.  Next, it will proceed to the adding of items or the item entry.

4.Then the item that is entered by the user will be assigned to a specific area.

5.Optionally, the user can view the history of activities that was performed


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