Sales and Inventory System Using PHP and MYSQL


    Sales and Inventory System in PHP

    Sales and Inventory System in PHP is a simple system created using programming language PHP and MYSQL. This Sales and Inventory management system is all about buying and selling of good computer stuff and products.

    This project consists of requirements that are needed for the system. It is easy to use program, user-friendly kind of system.

    This system is totally similar to the inventory or should I say that I put the inventory system on it.

    The sales and inventory system will provide you the efficiency to look over your system and check them and also you can use it to monitor them.

    This sales and Inventory System in PHP gives you the ability to check on your products, add customers, manage suppliers, you can also modify them and more.

    The system does perform all the functions like ADD, DELETE, UPDATE, and many more. The system is simple and well organized for a user to use the program at ease.

    You will see that there is a table which allows you to know the exact details of your product and stuff. You can check them accordingly to your own will. And like I mentioned above that this sales and inventory system looks like an inventory system because you can look after your product and their details. And you can manage them.

    Features of this PHP Project with Source code

    Inventory System in PHP

    • Inventory Control

    • Product Management

    • Employee Management

    • Account Management

    • Price Adjustments

    • Customer Relationship

    • Point Of Sale

    Screenshot of the login page.

    Sales and Inventory System in PHP
    Sales and Inventory System in PHP login page

    Point of Sale (USER SIDE)

    Sales and Inventory System in PHP Point of Sale

    Admin Interface

    Sales and Inventory System in PHP Admin dashboard
    Sales and Inventory System in PHP Admin dashboard

    At the point of a sale, the transaction receives cash or allows payment on account in exchange for goods and stuff. This creates the inflow of cash or revenue and a corresponding outflow of product inventory. The primary objective of an extensive sales and inventory system is to optimize efficiency in recording each factor in the exchange.

    Download Link: Sales and Inventory System with SQL [zip]

    For Admin:
    Username: unguardable
    Password: admin

    For User:
    Username: test
    Password: test


    I have additional freebies for you. I included here a complete source code of inventory management system that can be used for any system that is related to online selling, online ordering system, e-commerce, and the likes.

    Inventory Management System Source Code in PHP Homepage
    Inventory Management System Source Code in PHP Homepage

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    1. im not at coding sir… whats this?

      Deprecated: __autoload() is deprecated, use spl_autoload_register() instead in C:\xampp\htdocs\GCCentrum\include\function.php on line 37

    2. how can I “unlock” remove function?
      I could add new employee/customer/product … etc. but in “action” column there is no “remove” button. only “Details” and “Edit” can be selected.

      Thank you

      • Hello Sir Raymond, As our requirement we don’t put delete on records but if you want I can provide you the the line of code to that.

    3. Dear sir,
      since i am new to PHp . can you tell me where to find the password? or how to add new user and decrypt thats hash password?

      • Good day sir, If you’re looking for the password that has been set in this post you have to use mysql for that. and to add users to you can either run the system and add user in it by using the admin account or you can use mysql to insert a query. And last, for decrypting I used Sha1 for that which you can’t decrypt it unless you’re going to change the encryption. I hope it helps.

    4. sir i want o know that when i buy item from the pos it does not updated the inventory and please tell what is the mean of on hand


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