Sales and Inventory System Using PHP and MYSQL

Sales and Inventory System in PHP With Source Code

Sales and Inventory System in PHP is a simple system created using programming language PHP and MYSQL. This Sales and Inventory management system is all about buying and selling of good computer stuff and products.

Using this inventory management system php mysql consists of requirements that are needed for the system. It is easy to use program, user-friendly kind of system.

This system is totally similar to the inventory or should I say that I put the inventory system on it.

The sales and inventory system will provide you the efficiency to look over your system and check them and also you can use it to monitor them.

This sales and Inventory System in PHP gives you the ability to check on your products, add customers, manage suppliers, you can also modify them and more.

The php inventory management does perform all the functions like ADD, DELETE, UPDATE, and many more. The system is simple and well organized for a user to use the program at ease.

Watch the video here to see the full running Sales and Inventory system in PHP and MySQL.

You will see that there is a table which allows you to know the exact details of your product and stuff. You can check them accordingly to your own will. And like I mentioned above that this sales and inventory system looks like an inventory system because you can look after your product and their details. And you can manage them.

Features of this Sales and Inventory System in PHP Free Download

Sales and Inventory System in PHP free download

  • Inventory Control

  • Product Management

  • Employee Management

  • Account Management

  • Price Adjustments

  • Customer Relationship

  • Point Of Sale

Screenshot of the login page.

Sales and Inventory System in PHP
Sales and Inventory System in PHP login page

Point of Sale (USER SIDE)

Sales and Inventory System in PHP Point of Sale

Admin Interface

Sales and Inventory System in PHP Admin dashboard
Sales and Inventory System in PHP Admin dashboard

In this simple inventory system using php/mysql, the point of a sale, the transaction receives cash or allows payment on account in exchange for goods and stuff. This inventory system php creates the inflow of cash or revenue and a corresponding outflow of product inventory. The primary objective of an extensive sales and inventory system is to optimize efficiency in recording each factor in the exchange.

Click sales and inventory system free download button below.

For Admin:
Username: unguardable
Password: admin

For User:
Username: test
Password: test


I have additional freebies for you. I included here a complete source code of inventory management system that can be used for any system that is related to online selling, online ordering system, e-commerce, and the likes.

Inventory Management System Source Code in PHP Homepage
Inventory Management System Source Code in PHP Homepage

Basic features for freebie version are listed below.

For Frontend Features of this Inventory system in PHP

Basically, the frontend side of the system refers to the main website of the whole system.

The frontend of this Inventory management System Source code in PHP has these basic features of the website.

Home Page – On the home page, you can see directly the list of products for sale and you can filter the result based according to category.

Contact Us – On the contact us, the frontend user can submit an inquiry to the admin of the system

Viewing Products – by default on the frontend, the customer can automatically view all the products.

Place Order – The customer can Place order in the frontend that can confirmed by the admin in the backend.

Customers Profile – In the frontend, the customer can register and update their profile. In short, this system has a customer management system feature.

Add to wishlist – One of the newest features of this system is that, it has added to wishlist wherein the customer can temporarily add their order in the add to cart.

Paypal Payments – This Inventory Management System Source Code in PHP has a payment method that uses Paypal Payments.

Tracking Order – This PHP Projects has the ability to track the order of the customer.

Note: If you have any questions or suggestions about this php inventory management system Projects with source code, please leave a comment below.

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