Online Clinic Management System

This system designed by the programming language PHP and connected with database. Online Clinic Management System is the one who can manage all the records of the check-up,patients,medicines and equipment. And the main purpose of Online Clinic Management System is to maintain the details of the patients and make data retrieval easy and efficient.

The Online clinic management System has 5 table, first the check-up table, this table we can manage all the records of all patient in there check up id number,patient id number,complains and findings that given to the patient the medicine that given to the patient and the quantity of medicine that take of the patient and also the date when the patient undergo check-up.the second table is the patients table,this table we can manage all the information of the patient,the patient id number, first name , last name,patient type,age and address of the patient.the third table is medicines table, this table contains all the record of the medicines,the medicine id,medicine name,quantity of the medicine if how many stock do you input in one medicine,onhand if how many available quantity in that medicine,precription if for what sickness that medicine, expiry date if what date of the medicine expired and last the requested date if what date do you request for that medicine.the fourth table is check up detatils this tables contains all the record of transaction of all check up. the fifth table is equipment table, this table contains all the record of the equipment ,equipment table has four attributes first theequip_id or the equipment

id,second is equip_name or equipment name,third is requested_date.


  • Manage patients
  • Manage check-up
  • Manage medicines
  • Manage equipment
  • Medicines Inventory


  • Registration page
  • Log in page
  • Check up
  • Patient Profile
  • Check up Details

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