Online Cake Ordering System

Online Cake Ordering system PHP Project With Source Code

The Online Cake Ordering system PHP project with sample source code is a system made solely for the management and dealings of cake shop related inquirers and orders. This was designed to be efficient and easy to use and accurate in tracking the intricacies of the traditional cake shop management system. This System is made for cake shop related customers, owners and for them alone.

The system work this way. The user simply login in the system then he will be directed through the home page where he can choose such as products, customer details, order and transaction. He should choose to interact with any of this. He can navigate through buttons labelled at the middle of the screen.

For there it is very self-explanatory and user-friendly so the user should not have any problems performing a task. We actually encourage the user to experiment with the controls from there.

Features of Online Cake Ordering system PHP Project With Source Code

Online Cake Ordering system PHP Project With Source Code

  1. Admin Side : Manage Customers

  2. Admin Side : Manage Products

  3. Admin Side : Manage Suppliers

  4. Admin Side : Manage Transactions

  5. Client Side : Home

  6. Client Side : Cart

  7. Client Side : List of Orders

Downloadable Source code

Download the full source code below.

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