Online Furniture Shopping Project in PHP Free Source Code and Database


This Online Furniture Shopping Project lets visitors shop for furniture for eventual purchase and this free PHP project includes a database to store all information about transactions and supplies.


Advantage of e-Commerce

The advantage of e-Commerce is that you are open 24 hours and helps you to reach out to more customers.

Using the internet is crucial in reaching business goals in today’s standards and age. By downloading this free mini project in PHP and MySQL, you will have a head start in creating your own online store.

Online Furniture Shop Key Features

The free PHP project has an Admin-side and Client-side interface that connects to its database. Here are its features:

Key Features

  1. Admin Side

    This is where only authorized personnel of a company can access

  2. Client-Side

    This is where the client can do business with you


  1. Login System
  2. Register System
  3. Manage Sales, Products, and Suppliers
  4. User Management
  5. Automatic Profit calculation
  6. Products Inventory


  1. Client Registration
  2. Login
  3. Orders
  4. List of Orders

Download Link

This online furniture shopping project is totally free to download for all people out there. Download the full source code Online Furniture Shop System

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