Car Rental System DFD Levels 0, 1, and 2

Car Rental System DFD (Data Flow Diagram) Levels 0, 1, and 2

Car Rental System DFD or also known as Data Flow Diagram depicts the overall flow of data when it enters and exits the project.

It is a structural illustration on how the data moves inside the system while it process the command made by the user.

The DFD for Car Rental System is a designed diagram that has complete explanation on how the system handles the data in form of Levels 0, 1 and 2.

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Here’s what you need to know.

The Data Flow Diagram (DFD) represents the flow of data and the transformations in Car Rental System. In the DFD, input, processing, and output are used to represent and define the overall system.

Upon reading through this article about Car Rental System you’ll then find how the system react with the user and handles data that the system is receiving from the rentals.

The following are the data present in Car Rental System DFD:

  • Car Information
  • Customer Rentals/Reservation
  • Range of Rentals
  • Transaction
  • Payments
  • Reports and Receipts

These potential inputs (data) can also be seen in other diagrams that builds up the whole system. Since Systems were not just about the data inputs and outputs but also the processes and backbone structures. So to create a well-engineered Car Rental software, aside from DFD you can also use UML diagrams that follows to furnish your project. We have:

To have an advance knowledge about the Car Rental System, you must be familiarize with these symbols:

Data Flow Diagram Symbols

Car Rental System Data Flow Diagram and its DFD Levels 0, 1, and 2

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Here are the diagrams that completes the Car Rental System DFD (Data Flow Diagram). Each of these diagrams has their corresponding discussion about what are their roles in emphasizing the work of Car Rental System.

  • Car Rental System DFD Level 0

    The DFD Level 0 is also know as the context diagram of Car Rental System. Car Rental System context diagram presents the main idea to be the basis for the proceeding levels. The basic idea is represented by a single process consisting the main process, users and data.

    This context diagram portrays the general process done in Car Rental System. The general process is based on the concept of the proposed project and illustrated using the DFD symbols to visualize the idea. This will also serve as a guide as you go through the deeper processes of the car rental system data flow diagrams.

  • Car Rental System DFD Level 1

    Next to the context diagram is the level 1 data flow diagram. It contains the broadened concept of DFD Level 0. It’ll be done by determining the included processes to complete the basic idea from the context diagram. So as the processes were determined, data inputs will be specified as well as the outputs.

    When the processes and data were all specified, you just have to plot the flow of data from the external entity (user) to the process up tp producing the output. With being knowledgeable about the DFD level 1 of the Car Rental System, you will know then its broaden context terms.

    In addition to that, this may also serve as your reference on how the inputs or data fed on the system. Then you will be also informed about the outputs that the system gives. The processes shown in the DFD were all based on the concept of Car Rental System.

  • Car Rental System Level 2

    After presenting the Car Rental System DFD levels 0 and 1, next to that is level 2. The DFD Level 2 was considered as the highest abstraction of Car Rental System Data Flow Diagram. This level is expected to have the complete and detailed illustration of the project.

    As the former Levels were discussed, the DFD Level0 shows the main concept, the level 1 broadens it then the level 2 placed the database used to store all the data that flows in Car Rental System. Data Flow Diagram level 2 let’s you know the ideas on where does the data inputs goes and outputs comes within the project.

    The presented level not only shows you the detailed processes of system, but also gives you precise destination of the data that flows in the system. This DFD Levels will also be your references as you make your own Car Rental System DFD levels 0, 1 and 2.

Additional Knowledge on Car Rental System DFD Levels 0, 1, and 2

Car Rental System DFD level 0

A context diagram is another name for DFD Level 0. Its mechanism represents a single process with the external parties which considered to be an abstract view. It depicts the overall structure as a single bubble with incoming/outgoing indicators showing the input and output data.

To give you a clearer understanding on DFD level 0, it originated the main process or purpose of Car Rental System project. Its’ illustration serves as the basis for the next levels. The structure of each level will be broaden to let the readers and programmers the understand the systems’ function and processes.

Car Rental System DFD level 1

DFD Level 1 provide a broad overview and greater depth from the context diagram. The single process node from the context diagram is broken down into sub processes to se the processes included and the data that roams inside the system.

It shows the blueprint design on how should the system deals with the data.

The System’s DFD level 1 lists all of the major sub-processes that make up the entire system. Data Flow Diagram (DFD) level 1 can be thought of as a “detonated view” of the context diagram.

Car Rental System DFD level 2

The DFD level 2 delves even deeper from the concepts of DFD Level 1. It can be used to plan or record all of the specific/necessary information about how the system works.

DFD Level 2 is the DFD’s highest abstraction level and represents the system’s basic modules as well as data flow between them.

DFD Level 2 also shows the database tat the system will use as storage of the data inputs and as source of data outputs.

Remember that the project that you will build deserves all of the illustrations and blueprint just like engineering a project.


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