Car Rental System in MySQL using PHP

Hello, Great day! This source code is all about Car Rental System in MySQL using PHP The Purpose of this Car Rental System in MySQL using PHP is to be used by Car Rental Companies specializing in renting cars to customers. To provide Car Rental vehicle that can be used temporarily for a fee during a specified period of time. Features: Users – Can create an account and register for renting of cars. Users can:
  • Car Booking
  • View Car booking history
  • Update His/Her profile
  • Update his/her password
  • Post Testimonials
  • View Testimonials
  • Logout
Admin Admin is the superuser of the website who can manage everything on the website. Admin can log in through the login page Admin can:
  • Admin can create vehicle brands
  • Manage Vehicle Brands
  • Post Vehicle
  • Manage vehicle
  • Manage Booking
  • Manage Testimonials
  • Manage to Contact us Query
  • Admin Can the details of registered users
  • admin can also update the page content
  • Admin can update the contact us details
  • Manage Subscribers
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Change Password
  • logout
Run the program: User credentials: Username: [email protected] Password: clive12345  

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