How JSON beautifier is useful in Apex Salesforce?

How JSON beautifier is useful in Apex Salesforce?

JSON, which stands for JavaScript Object Notation, is a breeze for programmers. It allows for the online sharing of data objects between servers and web browsers without the need for any software to be downloaded. The online JSON viewer is a simple data sharing format.

Its distinguishing feature is that it is simple for humans to read and write, and it is simple for machines to create and understand.

JSON beautifier is becoming the first choice of technical programmers because it is language-independent, and to parse the JSON format, they can submit JSON online in multiple programming languages.

The JSON format viewer is built on JavaScript’s syntax, and its advantage is that humans can read it.

JSON Apex Support

The support for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) in Apex allows for the serialization of Apex objects and the deserialization of serialized JSON beautifier text.

Apex comes with a collection of classes that expose JSON serialization and deserialization methods. The classes available are listed below.

System.JSON – contains methods for serializing Apex objects into JSON beautifier and deserializing JSON content serialized using this class’s serialize process.

System.JSONGenerator – is a set of methods for serializing objects into JSON using the regular JSON encoding.

System.JSONParser – Represents a parser for JSON-encoded content.

Considerations for JSON Support

sObjects (standard and custom objects), Apex primitive and collection types, Database method return types (such as SaveResult, DeleteResult, and so on), and instances of your Apex classes all support JSON beautifier for serialization and deserialization.

Only managed package custom objects, which are sObject types, can be serialized from code that is not part of the managed package. Serialization is not possible for objects that are instances of Apex classes specified in the controlled package.

Only if one of the following data types is used as a key is a Map object serializable into JSON:

1.      DateTime

2.      Decimal

3.      Boolean

4.      Date

5.      Integer

6.      Double

7.      Enum

8.      Id

9.      Time

10.   Long

11.   String

·        Any data may be lost when an object is declared as the parent type but is set to an instance of the subtype. Any fields that are unique to the subtype are lost when the object is serialized and deserialized as the parent type.

·        An object with a reference to itself will not be serialized, resulting in a JSONException.

·        Multiple copies of the referenced object are created when reference graphs that refer to the same object twice are deserialized.

Serialization and Deserialization in Round Trip

To perform roundtrip serialization and deserialization of your JSON beautifier, use the JSON class methods. You can serialize objects into JSON-formatted strings and deserialize JSON strings back into objects using these methods.

Generator of JSON

You can generate standard JSON-encoded content using the JSONGenerator class methods.

Parsing JSON

To parse JSON-encoded text, use the JSONParser class methods. These methods allow you to parse a JSON-formatted response from an external service callout, such as a web service callout.

JSON Beautifier: Free Online tool for data modification and analysis

The JSON Beautifier is the feature that programmers are given to view their data after pasting it into the field on the JSON website online. You can view JSON online from any web browser by accessing JSON’s official website.There is no demand for subscription or registration fees for using the JSON viewer.

The JSON reader is a convenient online tool to evaluate decoded data and can delete the blank spaces in your data. The answer to ‘how to view JSON online’ can be found by pasting the text file into the empty text space and seeing the entire data structure in serialized form in the viewer space.

The JSON Beautifier is a user-friendly online tool provided by If you have a quick internet connection, you can access its services from any web browser., it does not require you to install any heavy application within your device. The pretty Json framework that gives the privilege of editing and embellishing the data without swapping to other functionalities is this free JSON beautifier online.

The JSON viewer also permits the data to be formatted. There is a built-in formatting facility for the JSON reader so that programmers do not have to worry about additional commas, blank spaces, and unwanted brackets.


This article states the features of beautify JSON online, and the benefits associated with its use for making the codes free of errors and serialized. It not only deletes the unwanted errors but also checks whether the data is at par with the standards of syntax.

JSON beautifier makes the data easy to comprehend by other programmers without the assistance of any baffling manuals. Which is exactly the case with Apex Salesforce.

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