Writing A Good Research Title For Thesis or Capstone Project

Good Research
Good Research

Research title in writing a thesis or capstone project is the one whom we eventually think first. We find it hard especially if we do not have enough background about such things. Hence, a good research title summarizes the main idea of the thesis or capstone project. It contains the fewest possible words which substantially describes the content and purpose of the study. To answer all your queries, here are the guidelines for writing a good research title for a thesis of capstone project:

  1. Research Title must be contemplative of its problem.
  2. It must answer the following questions:
  • What will answer:
    • What will you investigate?
    • What are you trying to find out?
  • Who question answers who are the respondents of the thesis or capstone project?
  • Where question will indicate the area in which the study is conducted.

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  1. Can u please help us to think what is the best title for our capstone project our topic is all about green computing. Hope u can help us with our capstone thank you.


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