Chapter 1(Research Description) Capstone Project Guidelines and Sample

Research description
Research description

Chapter 1 Research Description

– serves as the engine that drives all the rest of the documents. Once a word or phrase is substantiated, use the exact word or phrase throughout the thesis or capstone project.

In chapter 1, once a word or phrase is established, you will use it all throughout the study. The content is connected and repetitive from study to study.

  1. Project Context

(Should be at least 2 pages of presentation and discussion)

What will the researcher do?

  •  The researcher must describe its prevailing issues based on his experience when introducing the research problem.
  • The most essential part of doing your research or capstone study is to ask information from your targeted users.
  • Project context gives a strong justification for choosing such research problem based on his/her capacity.
  • This must also explain how you form your title, what are the issues to address and why must that issue be addressed.
  • Finally, in the project context, provide a statement that shows the relationship among the rationale of the study to the proposed research problem.

This is to make your document content well-explained and emphasizing the formulated topic or title.

  1. Research Objectives

A research objective is a concrete statement that describes what the researcher is trying to achieve. A well-worded objective will be SMART, i.e. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

General Objectives

  • General objectives are extensive goals to be achieved and are usually less in number.

Specific Objectives

  • Specific objectives are short term and constricted in focus.
  • General objectives can be broken into smaller parts to form specific objectives.
  • Most of all, specific objectives gives a clearer vision of what the study is trying to achieve.
  1. Scope and Limitations of the Research
  • The scope explains the nature, coverage and time frame of the study.
  • The limitation, on the other hand, explains all that are NOT included in your project.
  1. Significance of the Research
  • Describes the contributions of the study as new knowledge and makes findings more conclusive.
  • Also, it cites the usefulness of the study to certain groups.
  • Then, cite all the persons and groups that would benefit from the study.
  • Of course, the researchers should include themselves.

5. Definition of Terms

  • Definition of terms gives definition to the major terms that are relevant to your study.
  • Lastly, the definition can either be connotative or denotative in relation to the study only.

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