Angle Finder OpenCV Python With Source Code

Angle Finder OpenCV Python With Source Code

The Angle Finder OpenCV Python was developed using Python OpenCV with Source Code we will learn How To Create The Project Using OpenCV Python.

We will first define two lines using mouse clicks and then find the angle between these lines using simple mathematics.

What is OpenCV?

OpenCV is short for Open Source Computer Vision. Intuitively by the name, it is an open-source Computer Vision and Machine Learning library.

This library is capable of processing real-time images and videos while also boasting analytical capabilities. It supports the Deep Learning frameworks.

In this Python OpenCV Project also includes a downloadable Python Project With Source Code for free, just find the downloadable source code below and click to start downloading.

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To start executing Angle Finder OpenCV Python With Source Code, make sure that you have installed Python 3.9 and PyCharm in your computer.

Angle Finder OpenCV Python With Source Code: Steps on how to run the project

Time needed: 5 minutes

These are the steps on how to run Angle Finder OpenCV Python With Source Code

  • Step 1: Download the given source code below.

    First, download the given source code below and unzip the source code.
    Angle Finder OpenCV download source code

  • Step 2: Import the project to your PyCharm IDE.

    Next, import the source code you’ve download to your PyCharm IDE.
    Angle Finder OpenCV open project

  • Step 3: Run the project.

    last, run the project with the command “py”
    Angle Finder OpenCV run project

Installed Libraries

import cv2
import math

Complete Source Code

import cv2
import math
path = 'angle.jpg'
img = cv2.imread(path)
pointsList = []
def mousePoints(event,x,y,flags,params):
    if event == cv2.EVENT_LBUTTONDOWN:
        size = len(pointsList)
        if size != 0 and size % 3 != 0:
def gradient(pt1,pt2):
    return (pt2[1]-pt1[1])/(pt2[0]-pt1[0])
def getAngle(pointsList):
    pt1, pt2, pt3 = pointsList[-3:]
    m1 = gradient(pt1,pt2)
    m2 = gradient(pt1,pt3)
    angR = math.atan((m2-m1)/(1+(m2*m1)))
    angD = round(math.degrees(angR))
while True:
    if len(pointsList) % 3 == 0 and len(pointsList) !=0:
    if cv2.waitKey(1) & 0xFF == ord('q'):
        pointsList = []
        img = cv2.imread(path)


Angle Finder OpenCV Python Output

Download the Source Code below

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In this Python project, we learn how to create an Angle Finder, this Python project was developed and designed using Python OpenCV, and this Python OpenCV Project also includes a downloadable Python Project With Source Code for free.

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