Free Plagiarism Checker Source Code

Free Plagiarism Checker Tool Source Code

This day, I will be sharing how to Integrate the free plagiarism checker tool Source Code to your personalized website without any hassle.

This free plagiarism checker tool will allow your users to detect plagiarism directly from your customized website.

The user only needs to copy the text and paste it into the provided area to check the plagiarized content. To do this, just follow the instruction given below.

Here are the steps to integrate the plagiarism checker tool to your website:

Step 1. First, create an HTML file just like as shown in the code below.

Step 2. Then, go to the website and follow this link

Step 3. next, Copy this widget code below and paste it into your HTML file.

Step 4. and Finally, test the code to your browser.

When you run the code in your browser, it should look like as shown below:

"plagiarism checker tool1

Here’s the full source code of this Free plagiarism checker tool

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If you have questions or suggestions about the plagiarism checker tool, please feel to contact me at our contact page or simply leave a comment below.

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