Internet Laboratory Management System

Today, I will be sharing the source code version 1 of Internet Laboratory Management System. This system is purposely created to monitor the internet usage of every student within the semester. With this system, before the student to access the internet in the laboratory, the student should go to the administrator to register and enroll their account. During the enrollment in the Internet Laboratory Management System, every student is entitled to avail 10 hours consumable of Internet Connections.

Internet Laboratory Management System
Internet Laboratory Management System

The Internet Laboratory Management system is created using Visual Basic 2008 and MySQL Database. Here are the following features available in this version.

  • Masterfiles
    • Student (Add, Update, delete)
    • Facilitator(Add, Update, delete)
  • Enrollment
  • Simple Inventory of Computer Laboratory Equipements
  • Setting of defaults like Academic year

Here’s the Database. ilmsdb (3)

Full Source code of the system: ILMS

Login details:

Username: admin

Password: j

If you have any questions or suggestions with regards to this system, Please feel free to contact me at our contact page. Or you can drop a message on my facebook account.


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