Frozen Foods Ordering System Database Design


Frozen Foods Ordering System Database Design

Frozen foods ordering system database design is database used for business. The main purpose of this database project is to make the ordering transaction fast with accuracy, to keep and secure the order records, to avoid delay of pick- up of the ordered products and most especially, is to promote the products. The following are the company’s goal in reaching the best service they can give to their valued customers. A direct customer is a customer that will call the company directly and place an order. This type of client is usually an independent person, who orders small amounts and are unlikely to receive a discount on their purchases. All profits on a sale made to a direct customers, goes directly to the company, without dividing or sharing profits or paying commissions.

A wholesale customer is very similar to a direct customer. They also buy directly from the company but will buy meals in bulk and receive discount on their purchases.


Frozen Foods Ordering System Database Design Features:

  • Products (Add, View, Update)
  • Orders (Confirm, Cancel)
  • Manage Users (Add, List, Update)
  • Customer Profile
  • Product Purchases by Supplier
  • Purchase Orders
  • Employees profile
  • Customer (direct customer, wholesale customer)

Entity Relationship Diagram of Frozen Foods Ordering System

In relational databases, all the required data is collected and divided into selected tables. This is to ensure that the data is stored in an organised manner, which will make it easier to track through records in the database. This eliminates the problems often encountered when all the information is written in a single line or record, or when all information is saved in a certain sheet, for example an Excel spreadsheet.

After all the tables with their different information categories within the tables have been designed and populated within the tables, the tables are linked via relationships. The relationships are established by a decided table primary key, which is present in the specific table, as well as present in another table, as a foreign key. The relationship between two tables is illustrated by a line joining two or more of these tables. At the end of a joining line, the manner in which the two tables have been joined is also indicated. This is visible in the diagram below and these manners include, one-to-one -, one-to-many – and many to many relationships.

Diagram of Ordering System

Frozen Foods Ordering System Database Design
Frozen Foods Ordering System Database Design

This form of data modelling was used to set the system requirements for the database that were determined throughout the project. The ERD assisted the project team with the design of the IS and was used as a plan throughout the construction thereof. It served as a map which could be followed and was often referred to.

Data Dictionaries

          Table 1: tblcustomers

Field Name Description Type Length
ID Customer ID number Int 11
Customer_id Number of Customer varchar 90
First_Name FirstName of Customer varchar 90
Last Name LastName of Customer varchar 90
City_address Customer City Address varchar 90
Address Customer Full address varchar 90
Age Age of Customer int 2
Phone number Contact number 0f Customer varchar 11
Zipcode Customer city address zipcode varchar 11


Table 2: tblemployee

Field Name Description Type Length
Employee_id Employee ID number Int 7
First_Name Employee Firstname varchar 50
Middle Name Employee Middle Name varchar 50
Last Name Employee Last Name varchar 50
Age Age of Employee int 2
Address Address of Employee varchar 50
Contact_number Contact Number of employee varchar 11
Email_Address Email Address of employee varchar 50


Table 3: tblorder

Field Name Description Type Length
Order_Id Order ID number Int 7
Products_id Products ID number int 7
Date_order Date ordered of customer varchar 30
Quantity Customer suggested products Int 1
Price Price of the products int 11
Date Claim Claim date of customer varchar 30
Order Type Pick- up or cash on delivery Date 30
Status Available or not available Date 30
Order_Number Order number of products varchar 50
Customer_Id Customer ID number int 7


Table 4: tblpayments

Field Name Description Type Length
Payment_Id Payment ID number Int 7
Order_Number Order number of products varchar 30
Customer_Id Customer Id number Int 7
Date_Order Date ordered of customer Varchar 30
Claim_date Claim date of customer Int 11
Payment_Method Payment method of customer Varchar 30
Qty Customer suggested products Int 1
Price Price of the products int 11


Table 5: tblproducts

Field Name Description Type Length
Products_Id Products ID number Int 7
Products_Name Name of the Products varchar 90
Product_Type Types of Products varchar 90
Description Products description Varchar 90
Quantity Quantity of products Varchar 1
On_Hand Available or not available Date 1
Price Price of the products Varchar 11


Table 6: tblsupplier

Field Name Description Type Length
Supplier_Id Supplier  ID number Int 7
Supplier_Name Name of Supplier varchar 50
Supplier_Address Address of supplier text
Contact_number Contact number of suppplier Varchar 11
Email_Address Email address of supplier Varchar 50


Table 7: tbltransactions

Field Name Description Type Length
Transaction_Id transaction ID number Int 11
Customer_Id Customer id number int 7
Employee_Id Employees id number int 7
Order_Id Order id number int 7
Products_Id Products id number int 7
Supplier_id Supplier id number int 7


Table Keys

Table Name Fieldname Key Type
tblemployee Employee_Id PK
tbltransaction Transaction_Id PK
tblcustomers Customer_Id PK
tblorders Order_Id PK
tblproducts Products_Id PK
tblsupplier Supplier_Id PK



Table Keys

Table Name Fieldname Key Type
tblemployee Employee_Id
tbltransaction Transaction_Id
tblcustomers Customer_Id FK
tblorders Order_Id FK
tblproducts Products_Id
tblsupplier Supplier_Id


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You can download Complete Source code with database design here: Online Ordering System

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