Employee Management System Project In C With Source Code

The Employee Management System In C is develop in C programming language, and This System In C is based on the concept to generate the Employee’s records and to add their records and update it. Here User can add their Employee’s details safely and it’s not time consuming.

Moving on, The Employee Management System In C Language makes easy to store records of each and every employees. The whole project is designed in ‘C’ language and different variables and strings have been used for the development of this project. This mini project is easy to operate and understand by the users.

Anyway, This employee record management system also includes a downloadable Source Code In C Language, just find the downloadable source code below and click to start downloading.

However, To start creating a Employee Management System In C, make sure that you have code blocks or any platform of c language installed in your computer.

Also, read or visit the other interesting languages used in employee management system.

Project Information and Recommended Tools Used

Project Name : Employee Management System
Project Platform :C/C++
Programming Language Used:C Programming Language
IDE Tool (Recommended):Dev-C++/Code blocks
Project Type :Desktop Application
Employee Management System In C With Source Code Information


An Employee Registration Management System is a distributed application that will be made to keep track of the information about the people who work for a company. It would keep track of the personal information of employees, making it easy for the organization’s human resources department to know everything about everyone who works there.

It would be easy to understand, and even people who have never used the legacy employee system could use it. It would be easy to use because the user would only have to do a few things in a certain order. It would be fast and able to do many things for a business.

The front end of this software package would be made with the powerful coding tools of Visual Basic, and the back end would be a Microsoft Access database. The user’s feedback will be taken into account to improve or develop the package further.

The Employees Registration Management Software would make it easy for the employer to keep track of all the records. When these modules are combined into a single application, they provide the perfect platform for re-engineering and aligning human resource processes with the goals of the organization.

This proposed system would make it easy for any organization to keep track of the details of its employees. The goal of this project is to design and build an employee registration and management system to fill gaps in the way employees are managed electronically.

Employee Management Issues

Since every person and employee is different, managing employees well remains one of the most common management problems businesses face in today’s fast-paced business world. Businesses can definitely hire people with good credentials and strong resumes. But it’s just as important to hire people with the right experience and education and to manage them well if you want to build a good employee base that will be a key part of your future success.

What is the employee management system?

A system for managing employees gives managers information about their employees and helps them better plan and schedule work hours. This makes it easier to control labor costs and boost productivity.

Where is employee management system used?

Employee management systems can help a business run smoothly, especially if it has a lot of employees. It helps HR staff keep track of information about employees, like salary details, medical information, records of attendance and time off, overall performance, and more.

Why is employee management system important?

Managers have used this system to assign their team members goals, and both of them and the manager can keep track of progress well. Employees can also give and receive feedback about how well they are doing their jobs. All of these things are important in helping employees reach their full potential.

What are the limitations of employee management system?

The primary issues with the project are the following: Because of limited resources and time, the project could not be made bigger. The project was made by using the employee records and other information that were available at a certain organization.

How to create a employee management system in C?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here are the steps on how to create the Employee Management System in C.

  • Step 1: Create a new project.

    First open the code blocks IDE and click “create a new project“.
    employee project

  • Step 2: Choose console application.

    Second click the “console application” and after that click “next“.
    employee console

  • Step 3: Choose C language.

    Third choose “C language” and click “next“.
    employee console c

  • Step 4: Name Your Project.

    Fourth name the project you’ve created and click “next” after that click “finish“.
    employee project title

  • Step 5: The actual code.

    You are free to copy the given source code below or download the downloadable source code given.

The Code Given Below Is For The Main Module

int main()
	int i=0;
    FILE *fp, *ft; /// file pointers
    char another, choice;

    /** structure that represent a employee */
    struct emp
        char name[40]; ///name of employee
        int age; /// age of employee
        char address[20];//address of employee
        float bs; /// basic salary of employee

    struct emp e; /// structure variable creation

    char empname[40]; /// string to store name of the employee

    long int recsize; /// size of each record of employee

    /** open the file handling in binary read and write mode
    * if the file EMP.DAT already exists then it open that file in read write mode
    * if the file doesn't exit it simply create a new copy
    fp = fopen("EMP.DAT","rb+");
    if(fp == NULL)
        fp = fopen("EMP.DAT","wb+");
        if(fp == NULL)
            printf("Connot open file");

    /// sizeo of each record i.e. size of structure variable e
    recsize = sizeof(e);

    /// infinite loop continues untile the break statement encounter
        system("cls"); ///clear the console window 
        printf(" \n  ::::::::::::::::::::::::::  |EMPLOYEES RECORD MANAGEMENT|  :::::::::::::::::::::::::: \n");
        gotoxy(30,05); /// move the cursor to postion 30, 10 from top-left corner
		printf("1> Add Employee's Records"); /// option for add record
        printf("2> List Employee's Records"); /// option for showing existing record
        printf("3> Modify Employee's Records"); /// option for editing record
        printf("4> Delete Employee's Records"); /// option for deleting record
        printf("5> Exit System"); /// exit from the program
        printf("Your Choice: "); /// enter the choice 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
        fflush(stdin); /// flush the input buffer
        choice  = getche(); /// get the input from keyboard
        case '1':  /// if user press 1
            fseek(fp,0,SEEK_END); /// search the file and move cursor to end of the file
            /// here 0 indicates moving 0 distance from the end of the file

            another = 'y';
            while(another == 'y')  /// if user want to add another record
                printf("\nEnter name: ");
                printf("\nEnter age: ");
                scanf("%d", &e.age);
                printf("\nEnter Address:");
                printf("\nEnter basic salary: ");
                scanf("%f", &e.bs);

                fwrite(&e,recsize,1,fp); /// write the record in the file

                printf("\nAdd another record(y/n) ");
                another = getche();
    return 0;

In this module which is the main module of the system.

Downloadable Source Code


This employee management system projects with source codes is being develop in C programming language, and this simple project can enhance the knowledge of the beginners or the students to develop their skills in programming, also this project is easy to understand the module and their variables.


If you have any questions or suggestions about Employee Management System project in C, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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