Best Arduino Projects for Beginners with Source Code 2021

Are you looking for Arduino projects for beginners? Or are you an Arduino hobbyist that is looking for some inspiration for your next project? Well, you have come to the right place!

In this article, I will show you some simple Arduino projects that are beginner friendly. Most of the projects that I will show you will only use affordable sensors present online. They are easy to acquire and will not cost you a great fortune.

To top things off, all of the projects have FREE – yes, FREE – source code and complete with wiring diagram!

Without further ado, here is the list of Arduino projects for beginners.

Best Arduino Projects for Beginners with Source Code 2021

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here are the list of easy, cool, and best Arduino projects with source code free download.

  1. Arduino Remote Control Light Switch

    This Arduino project for beginners can turn on a light using an infrared sensor. You can just point and push the button to turn on the light. The project uses a relay module and IR receiver to turn on the lamp. How awesome is that?

    Light turns on when button is pressed on the remote.

  2. Infrared Remote Control in Arduino

    For the next beginner project, do you dream of having to choose the lighting of your room with a push of a button? Well now you can using this Arduino project! Using an IR remote control and an RGB LED, you can choose different colors to light your room! The key to this project is the coding the RGB module. Using RGB values, you can recreate any color you want and assign them on each button.

    IR Remote Controlled LED wiring

  3. DS1302 Real Time Clock

    Did you know you can create a digital clock in Arduino? Using this module, you can create a date and time clock! This uses a DS1302 RTC module which provides the time displayed on the LCD. With just one setup, it can automatically update the time using its own battery.

    DS1302 RTC device displaying time on LCD

  4. Arduino Water Level Sensor with Python Live Data Plotting

    Sensing the water level using Arduino can be done using different modules and sensors. For this project, a water level sensor is used paired with Python! The Arduino will provide the data while the Python program will create a graph and plot the data in real time.

    Water level sensor live data plotting

  5. RFID Door Lock with Python

    One project that you should consider is the RFID Door Lock with Python. This device uses RFID to unlock a room. An added bonus is this project uses Python to log the activities. Awesome, right?

    RFID Door Lock with Data Logging Project in Arduino and Python

  6. Controlling a Servo with Joystick in Arduino: Code and Wiring Diagram
    This simple joystick-controlled servo has a lot of potential! Using a 2-axis joystick, you can move the head of the servo. This has a lot of uses especially in robotics.

    Joystick Controlled Servo.

  7. Arduino Temperature Alarm: Code and Wiring Diagram

    This simple Arduino project will let you identify the room temperature. After that, it will sound an alarm if it gets too hot . This is very useful if you are monitoring room temperatures and can be combined with other Arduino projects.

    DHT22 detecting high temperatures.

  8. Relay Module Connection in Arduino: Code and Wiring Diagram

    Another simple Arduino project is a relay module connection. As simple as it seems, it is an important module to have, especially in using high voltage electricity. This is a must-have in IoT projects.

    Relay module controlling a lamp.

  9. Connecting a Potentiometer to Arduino: Code and Wiring Diagram

    A potentiometer is simply a varying resistor. This means you can amplify or reduce the amount of electricity passing through the circuit. This is another mode of input and can be used in different projects.

    Potentiometer Arduino project actual testing

  10. Temperature Monitoring System Using Arduino and Python Live Data Plotting

    Python and Arduino is a deadly combo! in this cool Arduino project, a DHT22 sensor module detects the temperature and humidity while the Python script saves the data and plots it on a graph. A great start in Machine Learning!

    Line plot decreases as temperature decreases

  11. 5V Stepper Motor Arduino Interfacing: Steps in Creating the Device


So there you have it! List of Arduino Projects for Beginners with Source Code 2021 . These projects are good in developing your skills in programming Arduino devices. You can combine this to other Arduino projects and build an awesome system!

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