Infrared Remote Control in Arduino: Code and Wiring Diagram

Infrared (IR) remote controls in Arduino are handheld devices that can control other devices using infrared light. IR remote controls need a line of sight to operate. This means someone needs to point the IR to the receiver for the signal to be decoded.

In this article, you will learn how to code an Infrared remote control in Arduino. To demonstrate how it works, this project will let you control a RGB LED using the remote.

Infrared Remote Control in Arduino: Steps in Creating the Device

Here are the steps in creating Temperature Monitoring System using Arduino.

  1. Gathering the Components

    The first thing to do is to collect the hardware components for the Arduino device.
    Arduino Uno
    IR Receiver
    IR Remote

  2. Connecting the Components

    Connect the components to the Arduino Uno. Please refer to the wiring diagram below.

  3. Coding the Arduino

    Third step is about coding the Arduino device to work with the components.

  4. Upload the Sketch

    Lastly, upload the sketch to the Arduino.

Infrared Remote Control in Arduino: Detailed Explanation

To start this project, you need the following:

1Arduino UNO
1IR Receiver
1IR Remote Control

Arduino UNO

We will be using an Arduino Uno microprocessor board. Arduino Uno is suitable for any projects and is the cheapest and widely used microprocessor board in the Arduino family. This is great for all kinds of IoT projects.

Arduino Uno
Arduino Uno

IR Receiver

IR Receiver
IR Receiver

This project uses a standalone IR receiver diode. The first pin is connected to the digital pin of the Arduino. The long pin is the ground connection and the last pin is the Vcc.

IR Remote Control

IR Remote Control
IR Remote Control

This is an IR remote control. IR pulses are transmitted by the remote that is converted to a HEX code. Each button has its own HEX code. If the button is pressed continuously, the HEX code will be 0xFFFFFFFF. Here are the codes for each button.

IR Remote Hex Codes

 Key Code
 CH- 0xFFA25D
 CH 0xFF629D
 CH+ 0xFFE21D
 << 0xFF22DD
 >> 0xFF02FD
 >|| 0xFFC23D
 – 0xFFE01F
 + 0xFFA857
 EQ 0xFF906F
 100+ 0xFF9867
 200+ 0xFFB04F
 0 0XFF6897
 1 0xFF30CF
 2 0xFF18E7
 3 0xFF7A85
 4 0xFF10EF
 5 0xFF38C7
 6 0xFF5AA5
 7 0xFF42BD
 8 0xFF4AB5
 9 0xFF52AD
IR Remote Control HEX Codes

RGB LED Module


This is a RGB LED board used for this project. You can also use a standalone RGB LED. It has 4 pins – three for the Red, Green, and Blue diodes and the fourth is the GND pin.

Schematic Diagram

The IR receiver is is powered using the 5V pin of the Arduino. The signal pin is connected to Digital Pin 7. For the RGB,

IR Remote Wiring Diagram
IR Remote Wiring Diagram


First is to download the library needed for the project. The “IRremote” library is used here and you can download it using the Arduino Library Manager. Open “Tools>Manage Libraries” and search for “IRremote”. Just install and wait for it to finish.


Now, it’s upload time. To upload your code to the Arduino Uno, attach the USB cord to your computer. Let your computer detect the Arduino Uno. After that, go to Tools>Board and make sure to select Arduino Uno. Also, make sure to select the COM port that is listed on Tools>Port. The COM Port should say Arduino Uno beside it.

Click the “Upload” button to upload your sketch to the board.


IR Remote Controlled LED wiring
IR Remote Controlled LED wiring


So there you have it – .Infrared Remote Control in ArduinoThis device is simple to create and can be used in other projects as well. You can always add more sensors to the device, upgrading it to a much-sophisticated device.


Click the button below to download the source code.


Feel free to write your questions about the Infrared Remote Control in Arduino at the comments below.

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