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itsourcecode forum

Hello itsourcecoders, as admin and on behalf of the whole team of this site I am pleased to inform you that we now open a forum section that allows visitors to post or share any topic regarding any computer-related topics.

But in order to access or join in this forum, you have to log in first as a subscriber by clicking the SIgn in/ Join on the top menu just like as shown in the image below.


Here are some of the current topics open for all.

General Discussion

Here in general discussion you can share and open your inquiries or ideas in programming or any computer-related topics.
In this section, we will learn the basic of Hyper TextMarkup Language or also Known as HTML. HTML is a markup language and not a programming language. Constructing HTML document is easy. To begin constructing HTML, you will need code editors such as Notepad, sublime etc.
In Database section, you can share or inquire any idea regarding any database platform such as MySQL, MySQLi, PDO, MS Access, SQL Lite and many other.
For PHP, any topic that is related to programming using PHP any problem encountered or either you want to share your knowledge or help the itsourcecode to educate those who are willing to learn more in programming using PHP.
Those who are willing to learn more in visual basic or any version vb such as VB6, Visual Basic .Net, Visual Basic 2008, VB, 2010, VB 2012 up to higher version. Please please feel to post your idea here.
Hope with this features, you could learn a lot from us.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at our contact page.
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