Billing Android App with Source Code

What is Billing Android App?

A Billing Android App is the method by which a company bills and invoices its clients.

Payment software, which automates the process of collecting payments, sending out periodic invoices, expense tracking, and invoice tracking, is commonly included in billing systems.

The billing system consists of procedures and processes that assist in the creation of client bills and invoices.

Billing systems nowadays include software that allows clients to receive bills and invoices both offline and online.

Billing software allows you to keep track of which items and services your customers utilize, as well as generate and send invoices and accept payments.

Some billing platforms, on the other hand, can do a lot more. They can automate the mundane duties that your finance department faces on a regular basis.

Why Is Billing System For Android Important?

The billing system is the most crucial aspect of a company’s sales process.

Setting up a streamlined billing system takes a lot of thought and effort.

Billing system software has become increasingly popular in recent years as a tool for organizations to increase their productivity.

Why should small businesses use billing systems?

  • Instant Invoices: Bills and invoices are created faster than manual bills due to readily available formats and past customer data. One can also customize bills based on requirements with minimal effort. This helps save time and the cost of billing.
  • Security: Once the software is deployed, access controls can be placed to prevent misuse or wrong issue of invoices. This also ensures transparency in the billing system.
  • Paperwork reduction: Due to the automation of the process, billing systems make it easy to keep records of items. This helps immensely in accounting and reports preparation by preventing errors and omissions.
  • Easy payments: The payment process is made easy with the help of online invoices. Billing systems also help maintain a record of all payments received.

How can small businesses choose and maintain a billing system?

The requirements of each organization determine which billing system is best. Small businesses can choose from a variety of plans offered by sellers or have plans customized to their needs. A small firm must make certain that its billing system includes the following critical elements:

  • Product and service master data storing
  • Payment processing
  • Data backup
  • Availability of software online/offline
  • Security and safety
  • Accounts receivable and payable management

Billing Android App Source Code : Project Details and Technology

Project Title:Billing Android App with Source Code
Abstract :Billing Android App is a service that enables you to sell digital products and content in your Android app.
Project Type:Mobile Application
Technology :Android Studio
Database :Firebase
Developer:IT Source Code
Billing Android App Source Code – Project Details

Project Output

Billing Android App Unpaid Bills
Billing Android App Unpaid Bills
Billing Android App Payment Details
Billing Android App Payment Details

To start executing a Billing Android App with Source Code, makes sure that you have Android Studio installed in your computer.

Steps on how to run Billing Android App with Source Code

Time needed: 5 minutes

Billing Android App with Source Code

  • Step 1: Download source code.

    First, download the source code given below.
    billing android app download source code

  • Step 2: Extract file.

    Next, after you finished download the source code, extract the zip file.
    billing android app extract file

  • Step 3: Click open project.

    Next, Open android studio and click file and the open project.
    billing android app open project

  • Step 4: Run the project.

    Last, right click the project and click run.
    billing android app run project

Download Source Code below


Android studio is used to make this project all the way through. Java is used to make sure that the fields are correct, and XML is used to send the data.

People who work on this project keep asking you about the plugins that need to be updated so your internet doesn’t go down.

Besides that, you will need to update your SDK version and also your instant run plugins will need to be up to date as well.


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