Water Billing System

Water Billing System VB.Net Project with Source Code

Water Billing System is an automated system that was based on paying water bills.

This is made in Visual Basic 2008 and MS Access for the database. This system can manage transaction such as creating an invoice and paying the bills of customers.

It will track all the records of the customer if they have paid on the due date or not. A penalty will then be added to their bill.

This system can also trace the customer account if they were not able to pay the previous months.

Sample Screenshots


There are the following features of the system:

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Features of Water billing system

  • Invoicing (Create Invoice, Open Invoice)

  • Customer (Add Customer, Enter payment, Manage Customer)

  • Manage Staff (Adding Staff, Updating Staff, Defective or Active)

  • Settings (Manage Admin Account)

  • Reports (Invoice Reports, Tax Reports, Payments Reports)

  • User Accounts

  • Login and Logout

You can access this system using these accounts.

Username: admin or staff

Password: admin or staff

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Water Billing System Source code here: Download Sourcecode

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