Use Case Diagram for Hospital Management System

The simple use case diagram for hospital management system is the visual representation of processes involved in hospital management system. It explains the system’s supposed structure and behavior.

Use cases depict the actors and use cases that interact with the system. It uses defined symbols to describe the overall flow of the system.

Project Overview

Name:Hospital Management System Use Case Diagram in UML
Users:Physicians, Patients, and Admin.
Tools Used:Any Diagram tools that provide use case diagram symbols.
Project Overview

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What is Hospital Management System?

A hospital management system is an all-around software applied in medical establishments. This software aids hospital management and lightens the jobs of physicians in medicating their patients.

What is a Use Case Diagram?

The use case illustration points out the requirements of the system and included processes. This also serves as the project blueprint along with the other unified modeling language. Each of these diagrams expresses the different parts and functionality of the project.

Importance of UML Use Case

The use case diagram is important in discussing the needs and requirements of a project. It provides an overview of users’ relationships and their interaction with the hospital system.

Hospital Management System Use Case Diagram

The use case diagram example for hospital management system has two main illustrations. These illustrations describe the system’s general and specific processes using include and extend.

Hospital Management System General Use Case

The general UML use case diagram for hospital management system shows the main functions of the system. It is based on the transactions done during hospital management.

Hospital Management System General Use Case
Hospital Management System General Use Case Diagram

Use Case Diagrams using Include and Extend

The terms include and extend explain the relationship of use cases. The “include” label means the use case is included in the task, while the “extend” title is optional.

Patients’ Management Use Case

This function allows the admin to have access to the patient’s information. Their information was used in monitoring the patient’s status, bills, and diagnosis.

Patient's information Use Case diagram
Monitor and Manage Patients’ Information and Status Use Case Diagram

Hospital Rooms and Physicians Management Use Case

This use case allows the hospital management to monitor the availability of their rooms and wards. They also have to keep track of the physician’s schedule and appointments. These tasks are shown in the illustration.

Hospital Management System Use Case Diagram UML
Manage Hospital Rooms and Physicians’ Info and Status Use Case Diagram

Monitor Hospital Transaction Records Use Case

This process explains how the admin monitors the transactions made by the physician and the patient. It records all the patient information, prescription, medical issues, and laboratories.

Use Case Diagram for Hospital Management System
Monitor Hospital Transaction Records Use Case Diagram

You can apply these diagrams to your project or modify its functions. In any way, this diagram explains the overall concept of the hospital management system.

Use Case Diagram for Hospital Management System Pdf

How to draw a Use Case Diagram?

Time needed: 2 minutes

Here’s the complete guide on how to draw a UML use case diagram hospital management system.

  • Step 1: Familiarize Use Case Diagram Symbols

    For beginners, you need to familiarize yourself first with use case symbols to be used.

  • Step 2: Determine the system processes

    The next step is to determine the system’s processes. They will be the use cases of your project.

    You may ask the users about the typical activities done in hospital management.

  • Step 3: Analyze the use cases included

    The gathered information from the users must be evaluated to know the general use cases.

    From the general use cases, you will see the sub-cases that are included. But only have the valuable processes related to the hospital management system.

  • Step 4: Plot the Use Case Diagram

    To plot the diagram, you will need the users, use cases, container (scope), and their indicators (association). You will base the flow of use cases on the evaluated information from the users.

    Your first move is to place the users involved.

    Next, put the container in the plotted diagram to separate the objects (users and system) scope.

    Then place the use cases of the hospital management.

    Finally, it would be best if you mapped out the association of the use cases to show the interactions between the user/s and the system.


The UML use case diagram represents the methodology used in system development.

It helps developers know the project’s possible inputs to process and perform.

Furthermore, you will discover the needed processes and connect them to the other UML Diagrams.

The diagram also explains the software’s use cases (processes). It captures the system’s flow from one method to the next.


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