Class Diagram for Hospital Management System

Simple class diagram for hospital management system is a designed diagram the shows the system’s relationships and classes. This UML Class Diagram is made to guide programmers along with the hospital system development.

It contains the class attributes, methods as well as the relationships between classes. These mentioned contents makes sure that your Hospital management system development must inline with what should be its functions.

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How to Design your UML class diagram for online hospital management system?

You must be informed that a Hospital Management system is a computer system that supports in the efficient management of health-care information and the work completion of health-care practitioners. They are in charge of data from all areas of healthcare, including clinical, financial and laboratory aspects.

It allows healthcare professionals to review clinical documentation, diagnoses, patient data, and other pertinent information in one place, allowing them to make timely decisions.

How to Construct Hospital Management System Class Diagram?

Now, to create the diagram for the hospital management system, you will first determine the classes. So the classes that must be made in a hospital are patients, users, physicians, nurses, admission, and transactions. 

The classes mentioned were just general. If you want a more complex or wider scope for your hospital management system, then you can add your desired classes. You must also include the database on your class diagram for your system.

How to create the Class Diagram Hospital Management System?

Below we will show you the sample hospital management system class diagram. It was provided with its attributes and matching methods. This is constructed with a simple idea derived from the common function of a hospital system.

Class Diagram Hospital Management System Construction

The illustration shown in this article gives you a hint on how to design your own UML class diagram. It gives a simple idea of how the class diagram works. It resembles a flowchart in which classes are represented as boxes with three rectangles inside each box. 

The top rectangle has the class’s name; the middle rectangle contains the class’s properties; and the bottom rectangle contains the class’s methods, commonly known as “operations.”

Class Diagram Hospital Management System Construction

As you can see through the illustration, the classes were determined, which are symbolized by boxes.

They were designated with their corresponding attributes and show the class’ methods. Their relationships are also plotted to show the connections between classes and their multiplicity.

Bonus Tips on Designing the UML Class Diagram of Hospital Management System

To design your class diagram, you may use platforms and editing tools online. These tools are helpful since they already have the needed symbols to illustrate your class diagram.

You just have to plot the included actors and objects. Then you will put in the appropriate messages that the system requires.

The platforms or online tools that you may use are:

• Lucid chart
• Creately
• Smartdraw
• Edrawmax
• Canva


The hospital system is a modeled diagram that explains its classes and relationships. The diagram depicts the names and attributes of the classes, as well as their links and methods. It is the most essential type of UML diagram, which is critical in software development. It is an approach to showing the system’s structure in detail, including its properties and operations.

The hostel management system must have a diagram to define the classes needed for the desired outcome. It is used to model the items that make up the system, depict their relationships, and define what those objects perform and the services they provide.

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