F1 Race Road Game in Python with Source Code

F1 Race Road Game in Python with Source Code

F1 Race Road Game is developed in Python Programming Language and it is a desktop application. This F1 Race Road Game in Python is free to download the open source code and it is created for the beginners who wants to learn python. This project system used a Pygame and Random function. Pygame is a cross-platform set of Python modules designed for writing video games. The F1 Race Road Game in Python is an easy graphical user interface based game. This F1 Race Road Game has a task record contains picture files, audio files and a python content file (F1Race.py). The ongoing interaction Graphics are truly acceptable and the controls are excessively basic for the clients. The more players continue playing, more will be the addition in the ongoing interaction speed. At whatever point the player contacts the adversaries or gets to the furthest limit of the screen, the game is finished and the client can check for his/her score in the upper left corner with the quantity of rivals evaded

Size: 2 MB
Version: V1.0
Published: August 22, 2020