Array Push PHP (With Detailed Explanation)

In PHP, Array Push is a function that inserts (one or more) array elements to the end of an array.

In this article, we will talk about array push function in a detailed explanation in order for you to understand this function in the easiest way. This is a continuance of the previous topic, entitled PDO Fetch.

What is array push in PHP?

The Array Push is one of a built-in functions in PHP which allows you to insert multiple elements to each end of an array.

Further, using this function, it will allow you to add one or more values to elements. Even though your array has a value of string keys, the elements you add will always have a numeric key value.


array_push(array, valueOne, valueTwo, ...)

For example:



    [m] => Glenn
    [b] => Jude
    [0] => Adones
    [1] => Paul

What does Array Push do?

As I mentioned above, the push() method adds one or more array elements to the end and returns a new set of array lengths.

Can you push an array into an array PHP?

The Array Push is a function which insert new elements and can accept an array as the first argument (array type and required). The second parameter should be (required) and can have any value that can be pushed to the end of the array elements. The third and next parameters is (optional) and describes the next values that can be pushed into the array.

Does array push copy?

The objects and arrays is a pointers that pushed to the original object and built-in primitive types such as numbers or a boolean value that will pushed as a (copy). The new and previous reference array which has been copied to an array is only pointed.

How do you push things into an array?

To push things or an object into the array we will need to call the push() method and pass the object as a (parameter).

Does push change original array?

The push() method provides and adds multiple item(s) to the end of each array element and automatically changes the original array element.

Further, the unshift() method can also change the original array which allows to adds an item(s) to the beginning of the array.

Lastly, the splice() method also changes an array by removing, adding and inserting elements to the array.

What is difference between array push and pop in PHP?

The push() is a method which used to add an array element or an item(s) to each end of the array. While the pop() function is almost used to delete the last element or an item of the array.

What is difference between Unshift and push?

The push() method simply returns the last element by adding element from the last index of the array. While the array unshift() method simply adds a new set of elements in 0 index and all the values in the element will be shifted by 1 and automatically returns the length of the array.

Is array push immutable?

The Array Push is mutable and has several operations which supports being mutable such as push, sort, unshift, reverse, splice, and pop. Using some of the mutable operations can usually cause some side effects to the programs such as bugs which is very hard to locate or track.

That’s why it is really important to used the immutable way in your computer programs.

Is array push synchronous?

In PHP, the array push function is totally synchronous.

Does Push work on empty array?

The push() method can also add an elements to an empty array. But it can only use once so that we do not have to write them (one by one) as parameters.

How do I push an array to start?

To push an array to start you will just need to add new elements at the beginning of the existing array it can simply done with the use of unshift() method. The method is very similar to a push() method but the difference is that it adding multiple elements at the beginning of the number of elements in the array.

Can we use push for objects?

We can use push for an objects by just simply creating an array and storing all the collection of the objects to function returns in order to overhead of calling the function.

For example:

var data = [];
// ...
data[0] = { "ID": "1", "Status": "Valid" };
data[1] = { "ID": "2", "Status": "Invalid" };
// ...
var tempData = [];
for ( var index=0; index<data.length; index++ ) {
    if ( data[index].Status == "Valid" ) {
        tempData.push( data );
data = tempData;

When would you use push() method?

The push() method can be used in some instances where we need to append or combine one or more new sets of values at the end of the array inside an array.

This method can accept an unlimited set of number arguments and allows you to add multiple elements at the end of every set of new array elements.

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In summary, you have learned about array push in PHP. This article also discussed what does Array Push do, whether you can push an array into an array, does array push copy, how do you push things into an array, does push change the original array, difference between array push and pop, difference between Unshift and push, do push work on empty array, how do I push an array to start, and when would you use push() method.

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