Law Firm Document Management System Chapter 2

Law Firm Document Management System Chapter 2

This Law Firm Document Management System similar to Online Medicine Delivery System Documentation Chapter 2 shows a review of related literature and related system from both local and foreign as proponents basis to develop the proponent’s system – Law Firm Management System with SMS Notification. Many systems have been developed to enhance and minimize daily workloads in different areas of our society.  The following are the reviews of the literature on systems related to our proposal.

Law Firm Records and Information Management

           According to (Iron Mountain Inc. of 2019), “Align your Records and Information Management and Governance Programs with firm strategic priorities to gain competitive advantage”. First, is to reduce your Real Estate Footprint. By re-purposing the records space and moving records offsite, you can: Enhance Efficiencies, mitigate risks and improve records accessibility and re-purpose space for collaboration areas. Second, is to defensibly destroy legal records. By defensibly destroying records, you can: drive cost savings, reduce risk and be compliant. Lastly, is to enable digital transformation. This services enable you to: Improve agility with better access and use of information, increase efficiency with streamlined processes and manage information growth and scale on-demand.

Scheduling System

JPAIR Multidisciplinary Research Journal vol.9 No.1 (2012) Automated Scheduling System (Jeralyn M. Gamale | Edward C. Anuta | Zina D. Sayson). The six (6) expert instructors tested and evaluated the functionality of the Automated Scheduling System in terms of speed, data handling, accuracy, security, stability, adoptability in making schedules. The study concluded that the manual and automated scheduling systems are both functional. However the automated system is more functional because of its extra features which solve the primary problems in creating schedules.

Document Management (Archiving)

           Vol. 4 No.1 JPAIR Institutional Research System development for Records Archiving. (Michael P. Gamba | Magdalena M. Ocbian | Maryjean N. Gamba) (ICT, document archive, web, GUI, Developmental Reaserch, Sorsogon City, Philippines). The presence of vast communication and information nowadays necessitates the need for a system to readily access and transfer data. The study aim to develop records archiving and document repository to overcome the barrier of server client method of developing the documents from one place to another and easier data access to its stakeholders. This study overcomes the vulnerability of security by means of allowing user credentials to login at the private server using a 1024bit Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA) private/public key exchange and 2056bit Advance Encryption System (AES) encryption through its virtual private network. Contents of uploaded files were being encrypted at 128bit to prevent intranet users from sneaking the file contents.  


Managing Information in Law Firms: changes and challenges

In this paper, the working definition of the term information assets include all explicit, codified data and all unstructured information in records, documents and published content, as well as knowledge in people’s heads (Evans and Price, 2012). The term information asset management refers to the processes and procedures to deploy information assets to derive meaningful business insights to consumers at the right time in the right format.

           LAFAMS is a user-friendly account management software developed specifically for Lawyers of small legal firms in Malaysia for the management of their Financial Transactions (, 2015). This System streamlines the lawyer’s workflow with a centralized database; hence, it helps to enhance firm efficiency and prevents lawyers from being buried under physical files. As LAFAMS on small- and medium-size legal firms, this software organizes all essential information of the legal firm in a simple integrated system. LAFAMS requires only the basic Windows operating system to record financial transactions on daily basis. It comprises three main modules, which are the Client Profile Module, Client Account Module and Office Account Module. Documents such as Vouchers, receipts, invoices, bank statements and client datasheets are the input for LAFAMS. This system is related with the proponents’ system in terms of working efficiently.

SMS-Based Event Notification System

According to the Vol.3, No.10, 2013 ( The short message service (SMS) technology is one of the most stable and most widely used mobile communication methods after phone calls. Most students of tertiary institutions carry mobile phones which is capable of receiving short massages as a means of event notification. In principle, text message can be used either as a one-way communication to provide the user information such as reminder, alerts, etc. or as a two-way communication that enables the user to send and  receive information (such as question and answer).

FileHold Document Management Software System

                       FileHold Document Management Software System (Netwiz Information System, Inc., 2016) makes it easy for organizations to improve security, increase compliance, streamline operations, and reduce the use of paper while saving time and money. This system converts paper and electronic information into a secure, organized, version controlled, searchable electronic library. Just like the proponents system, this system makes the work of the admin or offices paperless and convenient.

The eCourt System

                       An Automated Case Management Information System or the eCourt System (, 2013) is part of the Philippine Supreme Court’s initiative to increase court efficiency and transparency by reducing court Staff’s administrative workload and providing lawyers and litigants easy access to case information. This system speed up court processes, eliminate possible sources of corruption and ensure greater transparency. As soon as the case is filed, lawyers and litigants know which court and judge their case has been assigned to. The system also generates barcodes that allow tracking of case files and progress. So I can say that this system is related to the proponents system in terms of efficient managing of documents and in consuming workloads of the lawyers and in terms of easy access of the files needed.

Archives and Records Management Information System (ARMIS)

                       Archives and Records Management Information System or the ARMIS ( is a document management, tracking, archiving and disposal system for government agencies. Through the system, agencies are given an instance through their own agency site where authorized users can search and retrieve their agencies’ documents and records through the advanced search features of the system. The public can also have access to public records for public viewing. ARMIS is a holistic document and record management system that aims to provide government agencies with customizable workflows to adjust to their specific needs. Its functionalities are: Document Tracking System, Records Management System, Archives Management System and Security Management. This system is related to the proponents system because of its Security Management. Just like this system, the proponents system also ensure the security of the documents and records of transactions.

Case Management System

The Case Management System (Ecase, 2015), has a features that can manage the client information and manage cases. It has a reminder module, quick and easy billing and invoicing, also has legal calendaring alerts and etc. This system is related to the proponents system because of its ability to keep and manage client’s information and its cases which in the proponent system it manages client’s information and its transactions.

The Legal Management System (NTSPL, 2019) revolves around the case, clients, and contacts databases. The system is integrated with Microsoft excel which ensures familiarity to integrate past legal information into the application. Therefore, this system is related to the proponents system or to the Law Firm Management System in terms of its efficiency in handling and managing its transactions, client’s information, and its cases. Also, just like the proponents system, this system also convenient to both the client and the admin because the admin can also do the transactions while outside of the office.

Law Office Management System

The Law Office Management System (SoftwareConnect, 2019)is a system designed specifically for law firms. It satisfies the most sophisticated financial management, case management, and document management needs of law firms from all practice areas and of all sizes. All the functions are fully integrated, interactive, and designed to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the firm. This system is related to the proponents system because it is organized to be simple to learn and easy to use just like the proponents system.

Table 1. Features and Comparison of Foreign and Local System of Law Firm Management System with SMS Notification


FileHold Document Management Software System

      NO      YES      NO      NO

  The eCourt System      YES    YES       NO      NO

  Archives and Records Management Information System (ARMIS)        NO      YES      NO      NO

  Case Management System      YES    YES    YES    YES

  Legal Management System    NO    YES    NO    NO

  Law Office Management System      YES    YES    NO    YES


Table 1 shows the differences of the system and studies related to the proponent’s proposed system.

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