Employee Attendance Management System Project Report (PDF)

Employee Attendance Management System Project Report (PDF)

Employee Attendance Management System Project Report (PDF) – must contain the essential report on employee attendance management that will serve as the basis in creating the system project and documentation (PDF).

But don’t worry because in this discussion, you can have the diagrams that the Employee Attendance Management System should have. They were all also discussed in here so you can have the idea that are needed in building your project.

To have the ideas of creating an Employee Attendance Management system project, let us know what is its report first.

Employee Attendance Management system Project Report

Employee attendance reports give critical data about a company’s most valuable asset: its employees. Attendance reports are more than just a list of timestamps and numbers that show when employees arrive and depart. When employees are missing, it can significantly increase a company’s overall costs.

Employees must be consistent in their attendance and timeliness. It is critical for employees to attend work on a regular basis and come on time, as this has a negative impact on employee morale and productivity.

The employees’ hours are tracked through Attendance Management. It’s the system you use to track how much time your workers spend working and how much time they spend off. Attendance management can be accomplished by keeping track of staff hours on paper, using spreadsheets, punching time cards, or through online attendance software.

And to help these reports converted into a good one, I will be giving you the Employee Attendance Management System Project Documentation. It has the complete content of the Employee attendance Management System which includes the Diagrams, Source codes on different languages and with PDF file for documentation and references.

Employee Attendance Management System Project Documentation

The employee attendance management must have a documentation to serve as the basis in building the system project. It could be a PDF documentation to support the process in building the project and guide the employee attendance management modules.

This must also be complete with the chapters from how would the project be process and the methods used in building the system. The diagram documentations are the DFD, Use Case and the ERD which are the blueprint of the Employee Attendance Management System.

Employee Attendance Management System Project Modules:

  • Biometric Attendance: It assists in keeping track of employee schedules and accurately records employee entry and exit timings.
  • Time-in and Time-out Recording: Timing in and out keeps track of how many hours an employee works each day and throughout the working days. The amount of hours they work were also continuously checked during the working hours.
  • Late Time-in Monitoring: This feature helps the admin monitor the late time-in of the employees using the Employee management System.
  • Over-time Recording: This feature helps the admin track the overtime working done by the employees using the Employee management System.
  • Leave Management: Is the feature where the employees’ leave can be manage by the admin and the employee will also be informed about their leave status.
  • Working Day Monitoring: This will serve as the basis in checking holidays and working days.
  • Attendance Reports: This will help in determining the number of working hours and days complied by the employee and will report to the admin about the performance of their employees.
  • Payroll Management: This feature helps in securing all the result of every employees’ performance that will reflect to the salary that is right for them.

Your employees’ hours are tracked through Attendance Management. It’s the system you use to track how much time your workers spend working and how much time they spend off. Employee Attendance management can be accomplished by keeping track of working hours through this Employee Attendance management System.

Important Diagrams of Employee Attendance Management System Project Documentation [PDF]

Here are the Employee Attendance Management System Diagrams for you keep as your blueprint documentation in creating your Employee Attendance Management System Mini Project and you can download its PDF.

  1. Employee Attendance Management System ER Diagram 

    Employee Attendance Management System ER Diagram – is used to determine the data tables that should secure the data in the system. The ERD or Entity Relationship Diagram for Employee Attendance Management System will serve as a guide to the programmer in building the back end of the system. The employee attendance management system entities and their relationships were the basis on how would the system secures and used to achieve the expected goal.

    This simple database design will give you deep understanding about how should the Employee Attendance Management system handle or store the given data using database and tables.

    This Entity Relationship Diagram for the Employee Attendance Management System project with data table, also gives you ideas on how to make a database design with ERD, tables, and schema.

    The idea presented in this ERD can be used for your own Employee Attendance Management system final year project. You could also enhance the ER diagram for a system in this article to meet your desired system requirements.

    Employee Attendance Management System project report on ER Diagram PDF.

  2. Employee Attendance Management System Use Case Diagram (UML)

    Employee Attendance Management System Project Use Case Diagram – is an illustration for the management of Employees’ Attendance with the use of a System. This is to convert the manual way of checking the employee’s attendance and to secure and make sure that the attendance were accurate.

    This discusses the function or work of the Employee Management System project UML as well as its use case diagram using include and extend. By the end of the discussion you will find the downloadable use case diagram PDF file for Employee Management System that can serve as your basis in building your project.

    Employee Attendance Management System project report on Use Case Diagram PDF.

  3. Employee Attendance Management System (DFD) Dataflow Diagram

    Employee Attendance Management System DFD – serves as a guide in creating a fully functional system. It will also help the programmers on what should be the flow of the data inside the Employee Attendance Management System through the help of diagram and symbols. This DFD for Employee attendance Management must have the Levels 0, 1 and 2.

    Employee Attendance Management System project report on Dataflow Diagram PDF.

List of Employee Attendance Management System Project Free to Download Source Codes with Abstract:

Attendance Management System in JavaScript with Source Code

This Attendance Management System in JavaScript is a simple project designed in JavaScript language using HTML and CSS platform. This Attendance Management System includes an admin side and a user side that allows a user to enter for attendance. In controlling this method, the admin has an important role to play. In this project, from the admin side, the user has to carry out all the key functions.

These are the following features of Attendance Management System in JavaScript

  • Homepage – For the homepage you can see the accounts of students, admin and the records of students attendance.
  • Manage User Account – The admin can manage the user’s account. Admin can add, update and Block Users in the system.
  • Student Management – The admin can manage the student account. Admin can add, update and delete student’s in the system.
  • Manage Student Record – The admin can manage the student record. Admin can see the student login time and date.
  • Login and Logout – By default one of the security features of this system is the secure login and logout system. The login and logout system of this Attendance Management System in JavaScript source code uses a session. It means that the user can only log in at once on the same browser.

Attendance Management System In CodeIgniter With Source Code

This PHP CodeIgniter project is for an Attendance Management System In CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter is primarily concerned with dealing with personnel records and attendance. In addition, the system displays all available information, such as the employee’s full name, contact information, address, and date of hire.

Only an Admin Panel is included in the project. In a summary of this web app, the admin can add and manage employees, including their name, date of birth, contact information, and date of joining, as well as determine whether they are currently active or not.

To elaborate on the project, the admin must track each employee’s attendance by selecting whether he or she is present, absent, or on vacation from a drop-down menu. The same is true for attendance each and every month.

Attendance Management System Project In CodeIgniter : Project Features

  • Admin Panel
  • Employee Management System
  • Active, In-active Employees
  • Manage Attendance

Attendance Management System In Python With MySQL Database

The Attendance Management System In Python With MySQL Database was developed using Python Programming with Face Recognition, This Attendance Management System Python has a Graphical User Interface Design (GUI).

Python Code For Attendance Management System is a simple python project for beginners, from which they can learn to develop web based python project. We will provide you full project source code and database of the python project, so you can setup it easily on your system and learn python programming.


  1. tkinter for whole GUI
  2. OpenCV for taking images and face recognition (cv2.face.LBPHFaceRecognizer_create())
  3. CSV, Numpy, Pandas, datetime etc. for other purposes.


  1. Easy to use with interactive GUI support.
  2. Password protection for new person registration.
  3. Creates/Updates CSV file for details of students on registration.
  4. Creates a new CSV file everyday for attendance and marks attendance with proper date and time.
  5. Displays live attendance updates for the day on the main screen in tabular format with Id, name, date and time.

Attendance Management System In VB.NET Source Code

This School Attendance Monitoring system Source code is created using Visual Basic 2008 and Microsoft Access 2007. With this system, the registered students can sign in and sign out every time there is an event in the school. The system uploaded here is upgradable to RFID Based Attendance Monitoring System with SMS Notification System.

The computerized Students monitoring system that researchers developed is definitely for ID and Student’s verification only. The main objective of our system is to check whether the student has an authorized ID or a falsified one and to verify whether the student is properly enrolled in the school.

Features of Attendance Monitoring System in VB.Net

Basic Features of Attendance Management System In VB.Net Source Code

  1. Student Registration
  2. Teacher Registration
  3. Attendance Monitoring for student and teachers
  4. Easy retrieval of attendance record for both student and teachers
  5. Student and Teachers Information Management
  6. Daily and Monthly Attendance Report for Students and Teachers.

Automated Daily Time Record System VB.Net Source Code

This is an Automated Daily Time Record System that can be used as a tool for monitoring the attendance of all students and employees of the school. Using this system you can integrate the Barcode scanner or RFID scanner to accept input from students or Employees to speed up the process of logging in. The system is able to track student and employee attendance and performance, manage member information, etc. This application is created using Visual Basic.Net and Microsoft Access.

Employee Management System In C With Source Code

The Employee Management System In C is develop in C programming language, and This System In C is based on the concept to generate the Employee’s records and to add their records and update it.  Here User can add their Employee’s details safely and it’s not time consuming.

Employee Management System In C Language makes easy to store records of each and every employees. The whole project is designed in ‘C’ language and different variables and strings have been used for the development of this project. This mini project is easy to operate and understand by the users.

Employee Attendance Management System Project and its PDF Documentation

Complete Employee Attendance Management System Project (DOCUMENTATION)

This is a full Employee Attendance Management System Project document from chapter 1 to chapter 5. It includes the Data Flow diagram, activity diagram, class diagram, ER Diagram, and the likes.

This article also includes complete source code using different language such as VB.Net, PHP and Django.

Employee Attendance Management System Project Documentation

  1. Attendance Monitoring System Project Chapter I
  3. Project Context
  4. Purpose and Description of the Study
  5. Objective
  6. Specific Objectives
  7. Scope and Limitations
  8. Definition of terms
  9. Attendance Monitoring System Project Chapter II
  10. Background of the Study
  11. Attendance Monitoring System Thesis Chapter III
  12. Methodology
  13. Architectural Diagram
  14. System Testing and Implementation
  15. Attendance Monitoring System Thesis Chapter IV
  16. The Existing System
  17. General Objectives
  18. Specific Objectives
  19. Scope of the Existing System
  20. Concept of Operation
  21. Attendance Monitoring System Thesis Chapter V
  22. The Proposed Solution
  23. Title and a brief description of the proposed solution
  24. Scope of the solution
  25. Concept of Operation
  26. Use Case Description
  27. Data Flow Diagram
  28. Data Dictionary
  29. Class Diagram
  30. Entity Relationship Diagram
  31. Advantages
  32. Disadvantages

Employee Attendance Management System Project Documentation on Chapter 1

Click the button here to download the complete project documentation in building the online bank management online system. This Documentation about Employee Attendance Management System Project Documentation for Chapter 1 will give you a head start on completing your own thesis project.

With this full Employee Attendance Monitoring System Project Chapter 1, you will be able to get the main idea of what will the content of Attendance Monitoring System Introduction.

Employee Attendance Management System Project Documentation for Chapter 1

  1. Project Context – (Should be at least 2 pages of presentation and discussion)
  2. Purpose and Description – The researcher should discuss what would be the main purpose of developing the proposed system.
    The researcher should give a brief description of the proposed system
  3. Objectives – A research objective is a concrete statement that describes what the researcher is trying to achieve. A well-worded objective will be SMART, i.e. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound.
    Specific objectives – are short term and constricted in focus.
  4. Scope and Limitations – The scope explains the nature, coverage and time frame of the study. The limitation, on the other hand, explains all that is NOT included in your project.
  5. Significance of the Study­ – Describes the contributions of the study as new knowledge and makes findings more conclusive.
  6. Definition of terms – The definition of terms gives definition to the major terms that are relevant to your study. Lastly, the definition can either be connotative or denotative in relation to the study only.

Employee Attendance Management System Project Documentation | Chapter 2

As a continuation of the previous chapter, Chapter 2 will discuss the background of the study and review literatures related of Attendance Monitoring System.

In this Employee Attendance Management System Project Chapter 2, you will discuss critical studies and systems citing similarities and differences which you aim to improve.

Steps in creating Employee Attendance Management System Project Documentation (Chapter 2)

  1. Background of the Study – You will discuss the problem of your target client and their background. In this part, you can state the difficulties of using a manual system.
  2. Related System – You will cite different SYSTEMS that is similar to your study and state significant parts of it that can be applied to your thesis.

Chapter 3 Documentation – Project Methodology | Employee Attendance Management System

  1. Methodology – In this part, you will generally describe the whole chapter 3 is about and tell what SDLC you chose to adopt.
  2. Systems Development Life Cycle – Next is discussing the Systems Development Life Cycle you chose in order to create your Attendance Monitoring System. There are a lot of SDLC methodologies you can choose from with advantages and disadvantages.
  3. Discussing the Chosen SDLC – You need to explain your actions taken following your chosen SDLC. The number of phases might differ in another SDLC.
  4. Constraints – Enumerate and explain the possible constraints that you might encounter during the development.
  5. Architectural Diagram – The Architectural Diagram illustrates the connections between hardware of the Attendance Monitoring System. Also, write a short description below the diagram.
  6. System Testing and Implementation – In this part of the documentation, you will describe how the attendance monitoring system is implemented and tested by the users.
  7. System Features – Enumerate the functions of the Attendance Monitoring System.
  8. Recommended Hardware Specifications – List down all hardware the Attendance Monitoring System needs to work.
  9. Recommended Software Specifications – List down all software that the Attendance Monitoring System needs.
  10. Recommended Network Specifications – List down all network peripherals the Attendance Monitoring System needs.

Employee Attendance Management System Project Documentation | Chapter 4

The existing system is a manual entry for the students and teachers’ information. Here, the attendance will be carried out in handwritten registers. It will be a tedious job to maintain the record for the user. The system requires more human effort. The retrieval of the information is not easy because records are maintained in hand written registers. This application requires correct feed in the respective input field. Supposed there were wrong inputs entered, the application resists requiring the user to input correct data.

  1. The Existing System – The researcher need to describe the current manual system of the client.
  2. General Objectives of the Manual System – The researcher must state the general objective of the current system.
  3. Specific Objectives of the Manual System – Breakdown the general objective into smaller parts. Specific objectives give a clearer vision of what the study is trying to achieve.
  4. Scope of the Existing System – The scope explains the nature and coverage of the manual system.
  5. Concept of the Operation – In this part, the researcher will discuss the over-all process of the existing system.
  6. Activity Diagram – The activity diagram will illustrate the actions done by the users of the existing system.
  7. Data Flow Diagram – The Data Flow Diagram will illustrate the flow of information through the system. In this case, we only used level 0 of the DFD.

Employee Attendance Monitoring System Project Documentation |Chapter 5

The proposed system is entitled Attendance Monitoring System for Raymundo T. Tongson NHS Su-ay Ext. The system is developed to provide automation for the daily attendance of the students and teachers. The purpose of this system is to help the RTTNHS Su-ay Ext. to improve the attendance monitoring system for students and teachers. With the system created with a user-friendly environment, the school staff would find their work easy and efficient. The system will help the school administrators to make the process of providing daily, weekly and monthly attendance reports easy to generate. The system will also help the school administrators to evaluate the attendance performance of the students and teachers with ease. This will help the school a lot for its development and performance in terms of attendance monitoring.

  1. Introduction – Write a short paragraph explaining the proposed solution and its benefits.
  2. Title and Brief Description of the Proposed Solution – Write your proposed solution’s title and description
  3. Scope of the Solution – In this section, write the coverage of your proposed solution in terms of features.
  4. Concept of Operation – The concept of operation will discuss the overall idea of the proposed solution’s operation.
  5. Use Case Diagram of the Proposed System – The use case diagram will illustrate the interaction of users with the proposed system. This will clearly show how the users interact with each module of the proposed system. It also has a use case description for each action of the user.
  6. Data Flow Diagram – The data flow diagram will represent the flow of your data from the user to your proposed system. The diagram also shows the inputs and outputs to each part of your proposed system.
  7. Data Dictionary – Your data dictionary lists your database tables and fields for a better understanding of the data captured by your system.
  8. Class Diagram– The class diagram shows the different classes, attributes, methods, and functions of your system and its relation to each other. This will show the structure of your system.
  9. Entity Relationship Diagram – The Entity-Relationship diagram shows the relationship of your tables in your database.
  10. Advantages and Disadvantages – In this section, you will state the advantages and disadvantages of implementing your proposed system and stick to the functionality of your proposed system as a basis for this.


An integrated attendance management system can improve data visibility and streamline payroll, leave, and performance assessment processes. Notifications/alerts are automatic, and the manager can approve requests for early departures, overtime, and other requests without having to communicate with anyone.

And that ends our discussion about Employee Attendance Management System Project Abstract, Modules, Documentation PDF and Report, you may check the complete illustration of Diagrams, Source Codes and Documentation by clicking the titles of each explanation.

Now that you have known the parts and definition of creating a Employee Attendance Management System Project Report, you can also start creating your own Modules and PDF Documentation. If you have inquiries or suggestions about this topic, do not hesitate to type on the comments.

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