Capstone Project for IT Student (Complete Guide 2024)

To help our dear students in creating Capstone Projects, the ITSOURCECODE team has made this definitive guide.

It is a complete guide and steps in creating a capstone project from scratch.

It contains the essential parts on how to create or write a Capstone Project and the full discussion to make it.

The program requirements for the student to complete a capstone project in a long term.

A capstone project is designed to require students for their final year.  

The senior project and the culminating project capstone experience is the knowledge and skills we’ve learned in the real world of liberal arts.

What is a Capstone Project?

A capstone project is an academic paper that serves as a summary of a student’s experience.

This type of paper is typically produced during the senior year of high school or as part of a college or university course.

It can be used in nursing, engineering, information technology, business, and other product-based project courses.

How to Create a Capstone Project Step-by-Step?

Capstone Project for IT Student Step by step guide

Capstone Project Ideas

Before you achieve a project to develop, you must have first a proposal.

This proposal serves as the first step before you make a capstone project example and here’s how to write it.

Time needed: 10 minutes

Here are the complete steps on how to create a Capstone Project Proposal.
These methods will help you create a flawless capstone projects document.
Following the appropriate processes while preparing a capstone project proposal will save time.

  1. Pick a topic that suits your interest

    First, choose a capstone topic. It will help you choose suitable themes. This boosts critical thinking and decision-making. Consider your skills, talents, and intelligence when choosing a topic.

    You and your organization must take responsibility for your decisions to foster cooperation. Consider what you wish to develop while choosing a topic. Consider your environment’s demands.

    Choose a focused topic to develop as a group. You chose Sports, then you ask how to make it more productive. From there, you may create a subject or title.

  2. Do Research

    In order for you to become knowledgeable on the topic that you choose, you need to do a lot of research. This will help you to have deeper understanding about your topic. You will know then the common issues and difficulties that your topic has.

  3. Write your Proposal

    Now that you’re confident in your topic, create a proposal. You merely need to finalize the topic’s title and concerns you identified throughout research. Problem Statement identifies issues.

    Capstone Project Proposal needs a topic introduction. Then identify the concerns and solutions your team determines. After that, you must create solutions.

  4. Prepare to Defend your Topic/Title

    Title Defense will tell you if the topic you choose meets your skills and team’s needs. This will show if you studied well.

    At your Title Defense, you’ll be asked about the topic, its problem, and its solutions. These must be defended well and with solid proof. Review all the relevant material to support your topic.

How to write Capstone Project Chapter 1?

Here’s how to start writing your Capstone Project Chapter 1(Introduction).

  1. Know the structure of a Capstone Project Chapter 1: Its structure would based in your school or mentors. The chapter 1 conveys and discuss all the information about the project. It has also the specific details of the project and what should be the expected outcome.
  2. Formulate an Introduction of your project. It must contain issues and the reason why you pursue the project. Its like introducing the project title that you made. You have to present what your project is all about.
  3. Provide a document for your Capstone Project Chapter 1. You should document all the steps and information about your project development. It is because you will be needing these information as a proof and bases o how did you come up with that capstone project.

The Capstone Project Chapter 1 has its parts and are very important in developing your project. It is a continuation from your capstone project proposal but more specific. Its structure is composed of:

  1. Introduction:
  2. Project Context:
  3. Objective: General and Specific:
  4. Scope and Limitations:
  5. Significance of the study:
  6. Definition of Terms:

The composition of your capstone project chapter 1 will always vary from your school or instructors. But the given details here are all essential to create a Capstone Project Chapter 1.

How to write Capstone Project Chapter 2?

Chapter 2 RRL (Review of Related Literature) is the third step in writing a Capstone project document (Review of Related Literature). It includes project-related articles and systems. These concepts can be used in your planned study. You must only reproduce valuable ideas from an article, book, or topic.

How to write Capstone Project Chapter 3?

The third step in creating a capstone is completing its Methodology. It must contain all the methods and procedures used for project development. You will also present the illustrations, diagrams and figures to explain the process of creating the project.

  1. Choose your SDLC: System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) plays a big role for the Project Development. It will guide you through the development journey and will also provide you the steps on how would you finish your project.
  2. Create a Gantt Chart: Create a Gantt Chart to finish your project on schedule. This helps estimate project development time. You can also monitor development and mitigate mistakes. Gantt Charting helps manage time and deadlines.
  3. Provide all the Illustrations, Diagrams and Figures: Methodology requires several illustrations. By methods, you must explain your project to readers and panels. It helps you determine your project’s needs.
  4. Apply the Illustrations to your Project: After finishing the instruction (Methodology), you can create the project. You can use your thoughts and Illustrations to complete your project.

Here’s the structure on how to write your Capstone Project Chapter 3:

  1. Brief Methodology Introduction
  2. SDLC
  3. Gantt Chart
  4. Diagrams
  5. Database Design
  6. Data Dictionaries
  7. Screen Design
  8. Architectural Framework
  9. Hardware and Software Specification
  10. Timetables

How to create a Capstone Project Chapter 4?

After completing Project Evaluation, you’ll test its usefulness. For project testing, utilize a survey. This questionnaire will show if the project fits consumers’ needs. The comments or ratings will justify project performance.

You must add the project evaluation to Chapter 4 to notify readers and panels. It’ll show if the project was enough. It must include the evaluation’s discussion and result.

  1. Make sure that the Project was fully-functional: Before you do your survey for evaluation, you must secure first that the project is error-free and fully-functional. This is to refrain the users from difficulties during the survey.
  2. Prepare your Questionnaire: You may use a questionnaire provided online or you may create your own. But you have to validate the questionnaire if you’ll use your own. This is to make sure that the evaluation and the result is valid.
  3. Project Testing and Evaluation: After preparing all the needed materials for project evaluation, your project can now be evaluated. The project must be evaluated by its targeted users to know its usability, functionality and efficiency. Their evaluation will be recorded and should be discussed in this chapter.
  4. Calculate and Discuss the Result: Now this is the main part of creating capstone project chapter 4. You must perform the former steps to obtain and come up with the presentations and discussion of results. The results must be interpreted into words to deliver the right information to the panel and readers.

Structure of the Capstone Chapter 4 to write and complete:

  1. Short Introduction
  2. Evaluation Result
  3. Result Interpretation
    1. Discuss the Result and Interpretation

How to write a Capstone Project Chapter 5?

Capstone Project Chapter 5 includes a summary, conclusions, and recommendations. You must summarize and explain your outputs. This chapter informs readers and panels of the Project’s result and assessors’ opinions.

To start creating your Capstone Project Chapter 5, you must save all the collected information from the former chapter.

  1. Project Summary: Summarize the project evaluation’s findings. This section must briefly summarize project evaluation findings. Short, clear, and precise.
  2. Provide you Conclusion: As the developer, you must inform the reader and panels about your product. Include the evaluators’ conclusion. Conclusions must justify outcomes and output. This tells you if you’ve met requirements.
  3. List and Explain all the Recommendations: List and explain all project recommendations. These suggestions could help improve your project. It may help you improve your project.

Capstone Chapter Structure
Here are the important parts that your should consider before you write a Capstone Project Chapter 5.

  • Summary of findings
  • Conclusion
  • Recommendation


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