Top 10 Final Year Projects for CSE Students (Updated 2024)

Are you an IT or a CSE student looking for project Ideas and topics to develop for your final year compliance for 2024? Then here’s what you need.

I have here the TOP 5 Final Year Projects for CSE and IT students using different programming languages which are best and ideal to develop for 2024.

There’s also a bonus list of topics that you can see through to choose your desired project.

They were thoroughly made and researched to assure you that they are helpful and applicable to the current situation in every field of work.

But if you’re planning to develop a Web-based application using CodeIgniter, see this article CodeIgniter Projects With Source Code Free Download.

TOP 10 Computer Science Project Ideas and IT Students for 2024

Time needed: 5 minutes

Now I present to the top 5 chosen Project Topics and ideas for IT and CSE Students that will surely be applicable in big establishments and for our current situations. They could also help a lot of people in real world nowadays .

  1. Online Diagnostic Lab Reporting System

    Patients can now look over a list of the lab’s tests, as well as their costs. Patients can arrange CBC, Blood Glucose, KFT, and LFT tests using the system. The testing includes hemoglobin, WBC, and other indicators.

    The idea of giving efficiency for laboratory testing reservation and presentation of results online is what makes this project more potential. It could help people create their laboratory transaction or appointments more accessible. That is why the online Diagnostic Lab Reporting System is one of the best Project ideas for Final Year IT and CSE this 2022.

  2. Internet Based Live Courier Tracking and Delivery System

    Typically, courier service providers have a large network that spans numerous countries. By logging in and providing his courier number, the customer can track his delivery. We propose an unique courier tracking system that, among other things, allows consumers to track the progress and position of their packages.

    This Project idea for IT and CSE Students was formulated because of the current situation. People are now fond of buying online for their necessities and even food and this system would help them. This system will help them track their deliveries from the time they purchased an item. They can also be informed that their packages or couriers were safe with the use of this system.

  3. Android Blood Donation & Blood Bank Finder

    This web-based blood donation tool is designed to assist people in locating blood donors in the event of an emergency. Users can sign up to donate blood to a blood bank or submit a request for blood. Users can look at the donors’ profiles and ask for assistance from them.

    Emergencies should always be addressed first. As a result, this project idea was made for IT and CSE students to develop this 2022. This system will addressed the need for blood donations when needed by a patient. Patients ca now blood for their blood type match and ask help from them.

  4. Emergency Ambulance Booking Android App

    The User will be able to book an ambulance in advance using this system, based on the size of the ambulance and the hospital of choice. On Goggle Maps, the ambulance driver may see the pick-up and drop-off locations. Hospitals can also see the user’s booking history for that specific hospital.

    This idea is ideal for IT and CSE students that are excellent in application development. They will be able to develop an app that will help patients in times of emergencies. Whenever there is an accident or a patient needing an ambulance, they can find it by using the app.

  5. Accident Detection & Alert Android App

    Road accidents claim the lives of 1.35 million people each year. Accidents are automatically identified in the user app based on sound and sensor readings. In the event of an accident, the app allocates and sends a notification to the nearest ambulance, neighboring hospital, and the police.

    Now this system is the most interesting of all. This idea was included in the top 5 projects ideas for IT and CSE this 2022 because of its idea.

  6. Crime rate Predictions using the K-means algorithm

    One of the most fascinating undertakings you could do is at the top of this list. For senior-year CSE projects, this is a fantastic concept. To predict the crime rate, you must have the dataset of crimes and apply the K-means algorithm. The overall significance of this undertaking in our society can be seen in the increased trend in the daily crime rate.

    Even law enforcement is having a great time attempting to reduce crime in a specific region of the world. These police officers would benefit from this effort. The information about past crimes can simply be fed into the system. Your entered data will automatically be mined, and extra care will be taken to ensure that the project runs smoothly throughout.

  7. Detection of brain tumor with the help of image segmentation

    This one ought to be just up your alley, machine and deep learning lovers. The project’s premise is uncomplicated. You need to develop a classifier that can identify malignancies using merely the images of the brain that you give the model.

    If you can successfully carry out this project, you should be able to save a lot of lives. Cancer is still one of the deadliest diseases known to mankind, and if a tumor is discovered at a later stage, there is very little chance that the patient would survive.

  8. Battery saver program for Android devices

    Android devices are notorious for consuming a lot of battery life. There are many different gadgets because Android is open-source. Any app developer still faces a formidable hurdle when it comes to optimizing apps for such a huge ecosystem. Apps that have been poorly optimized typically use more energy.

    Poor ram and other resource project management, which you would find on the third party reskin of stock Android, is another factor that might be cited for the quick fall in battery percentage. Create a power saving app to address this pervasive problem as part of this project. The battery saver ought to be created specifically for Android.

  9. Fingerprint voting system

    These significant CSE projects could have a significant impact on many people’s lives. This initiative takes advantage of the fact that every fingerprint on the planet is distinct.

    The exacts of how the project is implemented are up to you, but you can experiment with different ideas, such as immediately casting a vote when the voting machine detects your fingerprint, only opening the voting interface when the voting machine correctly reads your fingerprint, etc.

  10. Messenger app that uses the technology of Bluetooth

    Yes, you will be developing a messaging program similar to WhatsApp for Bluetooth rather than the internet in this project. On paper, you could be excused for thinking that this program has no use at all. However, if you manage to develop a fully functional Bluetooth-enabled app that allows for two-way communication.

A Few Pointers for the best Final Year Projects for BSE

If you wish to work as a software developer, it’s essential that your portfolio showcases exceptional work, especially when it comes to BTCH final year projects for CSE.

The assignments are where you put your skills and knowledge in areas like computer programming, algorithms, and data structures to work.

Your teamwork skills and practical experience, along with your domain-specific experience, are demonstrated if you have accomplished projects with a group.

If you’re looking for work in data science, front-end web development, etc., having projects is really important.

How to make the best CSE projects for the final year?

  • Know what the main goal of your final-year CSE projects is. This is the most important step of the project because it shows what the whole point is.
  • You must write down the exact goal, the problems it might solve, how it will help society, and more. This may seem like a simple step, but it actually takes a lot of thought and planning.
  • This will also help you figure out how and when commoners will use the end product.
  • Find out who will use the final year project in CSE. After figuring out what the project’s goal is, we need to think about who it’s for.
  • People often forget to finish this phase when they are in charge of a project. One should decide if the product they are making is really for themselves, if it is a hobby project, or if it is really for the public.
  • One must carefully think about the qualities of the person who will use their product and make it with that person in mind.
  • Find out the most important parts of the final product that will be part of your major project for your final year of CSE. For example, the most important thing it needs is to be easy to use so that people can help each other with their education and training.
  • Once the main functions are finished, you can focus on other things, like the authentication process.
  • Look at the proposed set of technologies. Setting rules about how the cloud platform can be used for certain tasks can help you build the project faster.
  • Design tools like Adobe XV can be used to make the UI/UX and show us how our final goal will look. This will help a lot with the final year projects in CSE.
  • Use the project’s main feature or element to make a prototype as soon as possible. During this process, developers often get lost, so it’s important to finish the final year project CSE as soon as possible.
  • Ask the person who will use or buy the finished product to rate it and suggest ways to make it better.
  • Keep working on the project until the people who will be seeing it like it. This will help you reach your final goal and finish your final year CSE major project.


Finally, the list of final year projects for computer science students study includes programmingdesignanalysis, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and theory

Computer science engineering project ideas for the web application, machine learning, python project, real time computer vision and valuable experience for the wide range.

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