PSITS Organizational Management System Using VB.Net

PSITS Organizational Management System Using VB.Net

This PSITS Organizational Management System Using VB.Net is an organizational system designed for PSITS Org. to ease and assist the organization’s management of its resources including its members, officers and staff, documents, finance, and projects.

The main problem with managing an organization is consistency. This is true with PSITS as the same exact errors regarding memberships and event fees having problem especially the inconsistencies that occur in each and every term. To solve this, the system will act as a profiling/registration system up front.

This will profile each member who have registered; this profiling will also be used to track each member’s transactions within the organization, minimizing the risk of inconsistent and inaccurate data during the process.

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Features of this VB.Net Project with Source code

PSITS Organizational Management System Using VB.Net

  • Officer Management

  • Member Management

  • Event Management

  • Payable Management

  • Point of Sale

  • Qr Code for Student ID

  • Print of Membership card

  • Generate Reports

PSITS Organizational Management System Using VB.Net Project: System Requirements

  • Windows 7, 8 , 8.1, 10 Operating System
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 2008
  • Visual Basic Power Packs 3


This  is a requirement in the System and Design. If you want to develop your own Organizational Management System, we have List of VB.Net Projects with Source Code you can upgrade this system to suit your requirements. We have provided the source code below.

Download Link: Philippine Society in Information Technology Student Organizational Management System [zip]

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