Online Event Decoration Reservation System

Online Event Decoration Reservation System PHP projects were made to enable the users to have an easy way to find or search fora designer that meets their desire for the event they wanted. Because the system could give the information of all the activities of the business with the given record so that the admin could have the control on what’s going on with the website including every single detail about customer records, crew records and of course the transactions. Somehow the owner could also monitor the number of his/her crews and in which field are they in. The owner will also be able to know the salary given to the crews. And in terms of the transactions and customers, this DECORATING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM could give every information about all transactions at a given date and who were the customers involved or have transacted on that date. In this situation, the owner will have the efficient hold or hints of what to do and he/she could figure out what was going on in the business.

Download the full source code of Online Event Decoration Reservation System here: Decorating_website (2)

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