Monbela Tourist In Online Reservation System Using PHP


Online Reservation System Using PHP

Online Reservation System Using PHP is a online system that is used to store and retrieve data or any transactions made. Booking can now be done online straight in your computer as long as you have an internet connection. A confirmation message will be sent in the account that you have created if your booking has been confirmed or not. This system contains the following features:

Admin Side

  • Rooms (List, New, Update)
  • Acomodation (List, New, Update)
  • Reservation (Confimation, Guest details, Guest Reserved Rooms)
  • Reports
  • Manage User (List, New, Update)
  • Login and Logout

Username : admin

Password: admin

Public Side

  • Home
  • Check Availability
  • Transaction (Booking of rooms,Reservation of rooms)
  • Room and Rates
  • Acomodation
  • Contact us
  • Profile
  • Login and Logout

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